Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Girls He Adored by Jonathan Nasaw

I got The Girls He Adored from my favorite place... the thrift store! It seemed like it was going to be a very engrossing thriller... and it was. However, I can only give it a B.

Back of the book:
Call him Max. But don't shake his hand. Don't get too close at all. Because Max isn't Max. He's a lot of people, a twisted collection of personalities struggling to find a way out. One of those personalitites is vicious. Insatiable. A man with a talent for the blade and a hunger for women with strawberry hair.

Max's latest quarry, Dr. Irene Cogan, is about to learn two things firsthand; what makes Max tick, and what happened to The Girls He Adored.

The book reminded me slightly of The Silence of the Lambs. The psychtitrist who is interviewing the psychopath. And Max is clearly a psycho. He is disgusting and the things he does are quite terrifying. Normally books don't bother me, but there were parts that had me disgusted and I had to take a break from it. There was also a ton of medical terms that weren't clearly explained which frustrated me a bit. Overall, though, the book was pretty engrossing and the suspense was strong. As the book continued, it got much stronger and I was happy I kept reading it.

College football has started, so things are a bit shook up here. We are U of Michigan fans and had quite a few shake ups with the coaching and players so hope is dim here. Oh well, college football is fun to watch and gives me good reading time. I am starting Bad Desire, an old book that I got from the thrift store. I hope it is good! Have a great and safe long weekend and Happy Reading!!!


Heidi said...

Do you also watch regular football?

Are you ready for hockey season to start?

Have a fun weekend.

Kristie said...

Yup, I do. Though here with our team is a sad time of the year. I am a huge sports fan and watch all of the sports. Kinda comes with the territory of a sports crazed husband and growing up in a sports family.

I am so excited and ready for the hockey season to start! I am not making any predictions though. I think I may go to the Red Wings fan day next week where I can see my main man Steve Yzerman. Last time I met him, I couldn't speak!

Heidi said...


LOL I hope if you see Steve again your able to talk. It is way to early for any predictions.

I knew you watched hockey and baseball, I was not sure about football or if you had a different football team that you watched.

Kristie said...

Yeah, I do. I like the Patroits and especially Michigan alumni Tom Brady. But I always cheer on our local teams. Do you watch football?

Heidi said...

Steelers all the way.