Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slightly Suburban by Wendy Markham

I fell in love with Tracey and her crazy antics with the first book, Slightly Single, over four years ago. I remember laughing out loud and even discussed part of the book with the author about how wonderful and crazy the characters were. While I still do enjoy the books, the humor has toned down and there are fewer crazy antics. However, I felt that Slightly Suburban was heartwarming and I give it a B.

From Amazon:
It seemed exciting at first, but after two and a half years in New York, Tracey has to admit her life…well, sucks. Sure, she makes a decent living as a copywriter, but Blaire Barnett Advertising is a cutthroat world that basically swallows her life. If she does manage to get home before nine, she's usually greeted by husband Jack's best bud, an almost—permanent fixture in their tiny, unaffordable apartment. Add the circus freaks stomping around upstairs, and Tracey decides it's time to move.
After quitting her job, she and Jack take the plunge into the nearby suburbs of Westchester and quickly discover they're in way over their heads. Their fixer-upper is unfixable, the stay-at-home yoga moms are a bore and Tracey yearns for her old friends—she even misses work!
So which life does she really want? Other than Jack's wife, who is she? If Tracey merely has to find her own Slightly Suburban niche, it had better be just around the corner, because there're no subways here!

The book was fairly predictiable, but it was an easy read and perfect for those five minute intervals I had to sneak a bit in. This product description is wrong, however, because Tracey does not quit her job and this plays a part in the story. I think the biggest difference between this book and the previous ones is that Tracey has grown up quite a bit and the focus is more on her and not her and her friends. Her friends were a great sense of humor, and I think that played out a bit of my not total love for the book. However, I am not disappointed and am glad that I read the book.

Up next is Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner. I always enjoy her books and am kind of in the mood for a creepy thriller. It is raining and the weather has turned a bit chilly. Fall is definitely here and I have been feeling a bit down and I am sure it is directly related to the weather. I hate the change of the seasons and have struggled with depression for the past year and a half. I know my moods fluctuate due to the colder weather, staying inside and the less time of sunlight. I feel a bit hopeless and helpless as I look towards the long cold winters Detroit always has and it really gets me down. I really need to move south where I can get warmer weather year round. Well, I don't mean to get everyone else down, so I will say goodnight and get to reading. Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black Lightning and The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul

So I just got back from my mini-vacation to New York City and have two books to blog about. Last week was really busy and it seems that this week is going to be more of the same. Because it is so late and I am exhausted, I am just going to do a combo post on these two books, both by Mr. Saul. Black Lightning receives a B- and The Manhattan Night Club gets an A-.

From Amazon:
For five years Seattle journalist Anne Jeffers has pursued the horrifying story of a sadistic serial killer's bloody reign, capture, trial, and appeal--crusading to keep the wheels of justice churning toward the electric chair. Now the day of execution has come. A convicted killer will meet his end. Anne believes her long nightmare is over. But she's dead wrong. . . .
Within days, a similar murder stuns the city. As the butcher stalks his next victims, creeping ever closer to her, Anne is seized by an icy unease, a haunting sense of connection to these unspeakable crimes. And, relentlessly, she hears the eerie echo of the dead man's last words to her: "Today won't end it. How will you feel, Anne? When I'm dead, and it all starts again, how will you feel?"

The Manhattan Hunt Club
Falsely convicted of a brutal crime, college student Jeff Converse sees his future vanishing before his eyes. But someone has other plans for Jeff, in a far deadlier place than any penitentiary. Jeff finds himself beneath the teeming streets of Manhattan, in a hidden landscape of twisting tunnels and forgotten subterranean chambers. Here, an invisible population of the homeless, the desperate, and the mad has carved out its own shadow society. But they are not alone. For someone has made this forsaken civilization a private killing ground. Now, with no weapon but his wits, and an unimaginable threat lurking around every dark corner, Jeff must somehow move heaven and earth to escape from a living hell. . . .

With Black Lightning, the book started out so strong and I was really enjoying it. However, the ending was just so unbelievable and it really made me mad. I was very disappointed in it and because of it, I felt that the grade dropped from an A to a B-. I just thought it could have been handled in many different ways and was kind of let down. Because of this, I was hesitant to start The Manhattan Hunt Club, but threw it into my suitcase to read on vacation anyways. With this book, the opposite happened and I thought the book started out very slowly but quickly picked up the pace and had my heart pounding. I think I was a bit more freaked out by it because I was in the subway so much this weekend and a lot of the locations discussed in the book I had just visited. I almost gave up on the book, but am so glad I didn't. It was such a good read and I think I am going to recommend it to my mom.

I had a great time in NYC and I truly love the city. I have always dreamed of moving there and am at heart a city girl. I love the hustle and bustle and of course the shopping! Ground Zero was incredibly touching and moving and it really hit me hard. I think seeing this huge empty space where so many people lost their lives up close and personal was just gut wrenching. I still can't wrap my head around it.

Well, I would love to chat some more, but I am really struggling to keep my eyes open. I have some laundry to put away and then need to get to bed. I have an interview tomorrow and a meeting for a new part time job I just accepted, both on opposite sides of town. Fun times! I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs tomorrow and start Slightly Suburban by Wendy Markham (who is really Wendy Corsi Staub, my fave suspense author). I hope everyone has had a great weekend and read some excellent books! Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley

While I was looking up Chelsea Handler's book, Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea?, Amazon provided a link to me saying a lot of people buy this book as well. It sounded interesting, so I placed a hold on my library. It was a pleasant read, but nothing spectacular. I give it a B.

From Amazon:
Wry, hilarious, and profoundly genuine, this debut collection of literary essays is a celebration of fallibility and haplessness in all their glory. From despoiling an exhibit at the Natural History Museum to provoking the ire of her first boss to siccing the cops on her mysterious neighbor, Crosley can do no right despite the best of intentions-or perhaps because of them. Together, these essays create a startlingly funny and revealing portrait of a complex and utterly recognizable character that's aiming for the stars but hits the ceiling, and the inimitable city that has helped shape who she is. I Was Told There'd Be Cake introduces a strikingly original voice, chronicling the struggles and unexpected beauty of modern urban life.

Probably one of my favorite things about this book was the fact that the author is a couple of years older than me and when she wrote about her childhood, I could really relate to a lot of things. I absolutely loved her discussion on Oregon Trail, which she played on one of Apple's computers, which I also did at school. Oregon Trail was such a great game and made computer time so much fun! She also discussed one girl at her camp that had the perfect Caboodle with all of the cool stickers. I loved my Caboodle! So many of her childhood memories reflected mine and I really enjoyed going back and down Memory Lane. However, some of her stories were a bit confusing and I felt a little lost. That totally could have been me, though, because at times I was focusing on other things and not giving the book my total attention.

I have three more books to read from the library. I think I am going to read another John Saul book, as I have two of his checked out. This one is called Black Lightning and it seems to be a promising thriller. I have a busy week this week, what with work and getting settled for my new job and then getting ready to leave for New York on Thursday. However, I do hope to get a lot of good reading in! I hope everyone had a good weekend and Happy Reading!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sail by James Patterson

Just like always, Mr. Patterson has delivered a good book with plenty of twists and turns that kept the pages turning. I finished this book today and I really enjoyed it. I give it a B+.

From Amazon:
Since the death of her husband, Anne Dunne and her three children have struggled in every way. In a last ditch effort to save the family, Anne plans an elaborate sailing vacation to bring everyone together once again. But only an hour out of port, everything is going wrong. The teenage daughter, Carrie, is planning to drown herself. The teenage son, Mark, is high on drugs and ten-year-old Ernie is nearly catatonic. This is the worst vacation ever.Anne manages to pull things together bit by bit, but just as they begin feeling like a family again, something catastrophic happens. Survival may be the least of their concerns. Written with the blistering pace and shocking twists that only James Patterson can master, SAIL takes "Lost" and "Survivor" to a new level of terror.

At first, I thought I wasn't going to like this book with these little spoiled brats and a mom who seemed to care more about her job and new husband, but it turned around. I couldn't believe some of the things that happened, and while some of them did seem a little unbelievable, the story was still a good one and I really liked the characters. Someimes with Mr. Patterson's books, I feel like the ending isn't always complete but this time, I thought the story reached a good final conclusion.

I am sorry, you are going to have to forgive me for this weak review. I am struggling to keep my eyes open, so I think I will end it here. I can tell you that my next read will be another memoir called I Was Told There'd Be Cake. I hope it is enjoyable! Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Perfect Nightmare by John Saul

Another totally and creepy novel by Mr. Saul. As I finished reading this, my heart was pounding and I actually have goosebumps. I never thought that a book would creep me out as much, but this one did. A solid A.

From Amazon:

If you open your house to strangers, who knows who might come in. And what they might be after. Or whom. Now, ponder the unthinkable and surrender to your darkest dread, as sinister storyteller extraordinaire John Saul weaves a heart-stopping tale of lurking terror and twisted intent.Every parent’s nightmare becomes reality for Kara Marshall when her daughter, Lindsay, vanishes from her bedroom during the night. The police suspect that the girl is just another moody teenage runaway, angry over leaving behind her school and friends because her family is moving. But Lindsay’s recent eerie claim–that someone invaded her room when the house was opened to prospective buyers–drives Kara to fear the worst: a nameless, faceless stalker has walked the halls of her home in search of more than a place to live.Patrick Shields recognizes Kara’s pain–and carries plenty of his own since he lost his wife and two children in a devastating house fire. But more than grief draws Patrick and Kara together. He, too, senses the hand of a malevolent stranger in this tragedy. And as more people go missing from houses up for sale, Patrick’s suspicion, like Kara’s, blooms into horrified certainty. Someone is trolling this peaceful community–undetected and undeterred–harvesting victims for a purpose no sane mind can fathom. Someone Kara and Patrick, alone and desperate, are determined to unmask. Someone who is even now watching, plotting, keeping a demented diary of unspeakable deeds . . . and waiting until the time is ripe for another fateful visit.

This was such a good book. Unfortunetly because of work, I wasn't able to read it as quickly as I would have liked to, but I stayed up late and then finished it today when I got home. His books are so well written, and I have to say are even creepier because the whole set-up for the abductions seems like it could happen in real life. Mr. Saul may become one of my new favorite authors of thrillers. I will also admit that I was totally thrown at the end of the book and did not expect the ending. That in itself was so creepy and I was astounded. I am so glad I got a couple more of his books from the library and that J. Kaye gave me so recommendations.

Up next is Sail by James Patterson. It is only a 7 day checkout, so I need to fit it in. I hope it is better than the last Patterson I read, You've Been Warned. Usually, I really enjoy his books so I hope this one is just as good. I got a new job today, though it is only 5 hours a week. It is working in a school district that hires new teachers pretty regularly so it will be a good foot in the door. I will be a math teacher for high school students who need additional help. We will be meeting for two days a week, and though it is only 5 hours a week, I will be making as much money as if I subbed for two days. I will only be able to sub a half of a day on those days, but if I don't get called it won't be a loss of money and will be a great opportunity to get in. I had to interview in front of three people, including two principals so I am really happy it went well and I was offered the position. I hope everyone is having a good week and Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Faces of Fear by John Saul

Whew... what a great book! This was a spooky one and not in the matter of ghostly or anything like that. This book definitely got me out of my funk as I started and finished this today. I truly chilling book that I give an A.

From Amazon:
Fifteen-year-old Alison Shaw may not be beautiful, but she doesn’t really care: She’d much rather read a good book than primp in front of a mirror anyway. But Alison’s gorgeous mother, Risa, knows that beauty can be a key to success and wishes only the best for her daughter, especially when Risa marries a widowed plastic surgeon and moves Alison from Santa Monica to Bel Air. Beauty may be only skin deep, but to the denizens of Bel Air it means the world. Everywhere mother and daughter look, they are surrounded by beautiful people, many of whom have benefited from the skills of Alison’s new stepfather, the charismatic Peter Dunn. Peter is certain he can turn Alison into a vision of loveliness, and Risa–drawn in by his cool confidence–is delighted. Reluctantly, Alison agrees to undergo the first procedure, and her transformation begins.But soon Alison discovers a picture of Peter’s first wife. To Alison’s horror, she notices a resemblance between the image in the photo and the work her stepfather is doing on her. Though Risa refuses to acknowledge the strange similarity, Alison becomes increasingly frightened. Digging further into her stepfather’s murky past, Alison uncovers dark secrets–and even darker motives–and realizes that her worst fears are fast becoming her reality.

I do find it funny that the product description has the step-father's name as Peter, because in the book his name is Conrad. While reading this, I had a pretty good idea of who the bad guy was, but I kept changing my mind. I thought Mr. Saul did an absolutely fantastic job getting into the mind of Allison and all of the pressures a 15 year old girl goes through, much less moving to Bel-Air. I could also identify with her and the pressures of not feeling like she matches up, as the first surgery she has is breast implants. I haven't been blessed in that department, and I have often thought about it... but I decided God made me like this and what you see is what you get. I do have to admit I was a little worried that Allison's mom was all of the surgery, but I think it just goes to show how the pressures of fitting in even affected the mother. All in all a very excellent read. I need to check my records and see if I have any other books by him because I think it will be my next read.

Well, I am off to bed. I have a job for tomorrow so I have to be up early. To tell you the truth, I was looking forward to having the day off, but I have been off for awhile. Plus in two weeks I am going on a mini vacation to New York City with my mom and my brother. We got flights for $18 round trip if you can believe it, and any extra money I can make for shopping will be excellent! I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Reading!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't Be Afraid by Rebecca Drake

I seem to have been in a mini reading slump this week and I am not sure why. I did work Monday and Tuesday and had plans for Tuesday night, so that may be part of it. Anyways, I picked Don't Be Afraid off of my bookshelves and it definitely got me out of the slump. This was a great thriller and I give it an A-.

From Amazon:
It''s a beautiful house--a perfect place to live. To dream. To start a life together. It''s the perfect place for so many things, he thinks as he puts on the gloves and reaches for her, enjoying her screams. But today, it''s perfect place to die. Steerforth, Connecticut, was once an idyllic, sleepy New England town. But now the leafy streets and picture-perfect houses have turned shadowy and menacing, every small detail suddenly becoming suspect: lost toys placed carefully on back porches, lights blazing in a house that should be empty, closet doors standing slightly ajar, mysterious flowers wrapped in black tissue paper. And the bodies. A serial killer has come to Connecticut. He is watching, honing his skills, waiting for the perfect time to make them pay for what they''ve done. And when he''s through, home will never be sweet again.

This was the first book by Ms. Drake and she sure does show promise. So much so that today I braved the pouring down rain and got her other two books, with her last one just being released this month. I really liked the main character, Amy, and felt for her. She is a single mother who recently found out that her husband is a serial cheater. While trying to provide for her and her daughter, she is thrown into a mystery where dead bodies are turning up everywhere. The suspense was done really well and there were some clues as to who the killer was. There were red herrings thrown in here and there which threw me off balance. Her writing style really reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Wendy Corsi Staub. Ms. Drake is published through Pinnacle, one of my favorite publishers, so I was sure I would like it. I think I will be reading her other books fairly shortly.

I have been painting again which I really enjoy. I painted some things for my bedroom as we just redid it and also did some Halloween decorations. I will also start painting some Christmas ornaments that I like to give out as tags on packages or as stocking stuffers. I know Christmas is more than three months away, but sometimes I go through spurts. Tomorrow Michaels has all of their painting stuff on sale, and I also want to make a Welcome sign and a couple of other things. We are getting a ton of rain right now, today we have gotten over 7 inches in some places and it is supposed to rain all morning before a short break and then we are expecting the reminants of Ike. My basement does have a bit of water, so hopefully the weather forecasters will be wrong once again. Up next is John Saul's newest book. I don't have the title handy, but it is my first John Saul book. I believe I have some of his but haven't gotten around to reading any of them. This is a library book and I only have a week with it so I want to get to it right away. I hope everyone has had a good week and weekend and if anyone was in the path of Ike that they are all safe and sound. Happy Reading!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dirt by Stuart Woods

I have heard a lot about Stuart Woods and his novels, and when I saw this one for sale at my local library, I decided to pick it up. The blurb on the back sounded really interesting and something that I would like, however, I was a bit disappointed. I can only give it a C+.

From the back of the book:
Feared and loathed for her poison pen and ice-queen persona, gossip columnist Amanda Dart has made her share of enemies. Then the tables are turned. An anonymous gossipmanter is faxing Amanda's personal and private peccadillaes to anyone who can read. Desperate to save her reputation, she enlists the help of New York lawyer and private investigator Stone Barrington to learn the identity of the faxer. And everyone in the world of tabloid journalism becomes a suspect.

But the faxes don't stop. In fact, they get worse. And Stone winds up with more leads than one man can handle, until Amanda takes matters dangerously into her own hands and turns the world of gossip on its head. As the circle of suspects shrinks, Stone discovers that even the most respected members of the social scene will stop at nothing-even homicide- to clear their sullied names, in this mesmerizing tale of betrayal, murder, and tabloid terror.

I was a bit disappointed with the story. While the blurb was somewhat true, I felt like it was misleading. A lot of the story was kind of confusing and unbelievable. Amanda was a minor character in the story and I thought a lot of what the faxes had wasn't that big of a deal. There were only about 3 faxes, anyways, and I didn't see a whole lot of problems caused by them. The time line was also very difficult to follow and one day it seemed to be summer and then there was a blizzard. Overall, I was left confused and not 100% clear about everything. A disappointing read for me.

I am not sure what I am going to read now. I have to get to bed because I have to work tomorrow morning, so I probably won't pick anything until tomorrow afternoon. Maybe one of my books I ordered from Mira. I hope everyone had a great weekend and had more successful reading that I did. Happy Reading!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry by Denise Swanson

I finished this book yesterday but am just now getting around to reviewing it. I have been obsessed with the Caylee Anthony case and have been reading a lot about the case and praying that the little girl is finally found. Anyways, this was another pleasant addition to the series and I give it a B.

Back cover:
Skye Denison has never aspired to culinary excellence. In fact, she can't tell the difference between mousse and meringue. So when Grandma Sal's Soup-to-Nuts Cooking Challenge comes to town, competing is the last thing on her mind. That's before she's bullied into entering by her mother, who has four recipes- one of which she has submitted under Skye's name. Right from the start, trouble brews. But a spiteful saboteur takes things too far when cocky contestant Cherry Alexander is discovered drowned in a chocolate fountain.

From time to time, I like catching up on my cozy mystery series. It feels like I am getting to catch up with my friends. I really enjoy the fact that Skye is a school psychologist and wish that the story would have had more interaction with her students. This series does allow the reader enough clues to figure out the mystery, though I do have to admit that I didn't figure it out. I was glad to see Skye's personal relationship move forward a bit because sometimes I think the author gets stuck in this back and forth stuff that really gets old (Stephanie Plum anyone?). This was a quick and easy read, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a cozy mystery.

Up next is Dirt by Stuart Woods. This is my first book by this author and I hope I enjoy it. The premise definitely sounds interesting. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

True Stories of Law and ORder by Kevin Dwyer and Jure Fiorillo

I read about this book on a blog and since I am a huge fan of all three of the Law and Orders, decided to pick it up. Lately, TNT has been running mini-marathons and I have been catching up with a lot of the old ones I haven't seen in awhile which made me even more interested in reading this book. I give it a B.

Back of the book:
True Stories of Law and Order reveals the fascinating and shocking facts behind twenty-five of the hit show's most popular episodes- from the incredible account of how a woman's repressed memory leads to the solving of a thirty-year-old cold case to the high-profile investigation of transvestite millonaire Robert Durst. And just like in every episode, the actual crime is just the beginning. You'll follow these cases from the inital stages of investigation through the trial and up to the often controversial verdicts.

I really loved the premise of this book. I have always known that a lot of their cases were "ripped from the headlines" and have even recgonized a few from my local area. It was definitely interesting how much or how little the show has really changed. As a big crime buff who loves watches documentaries and Court TV, this book was right up my alley. At times the book was a bit dry and I think a bit more can have been done to spice things up. However, overall it was a lot of good information and I found myself sneaking peeks all of the time. The book was broken apart in short chapters with a different case and was perfect for reading when taking a break from cleaning and laundry.

One thing that I found absolutely appalling was the chapter and story about Jack Abbott. A famous Pultizer Prize winning author helps get a murderer released because of his skills and great talent in writing. Soon after his release, Mr. Abbott went on to murder someone else and had he still had these celebrities defending him and calling for him to not be placed in jail. One of these celebrities was Susan Saradon and Tim Robbins. Now I particularly do not care for the extreme liberal views, however, I always like Ms. Saradon's acting. After learning that they actually named their child after this cold-blooded killer and defended him, I don't think I could ever watch another thing either of them are in. I don't understand how someone can think that because someone has a great talent, they should not be held accountable for murdering someone else. I guess it happens, though, what with O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector, and Robert Blake to name a few. That shocked me though.

Up next is another cozy mysteries series. I should have entered in Kris', from Not Enough Books, challenge because it will be the second cozy this month. This book is one of my favorite series by Denise Swanson and is called Murder of a Chocolate Covered Cherry. Each summer I look forward to the next book, but this summer I totally forgot about it until yesterday. I got it from the library and hope to dive in now. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bubbles Unbound by Sarah Strohmeyer

I have had the Bubbles series sitting on my shelves forever, and when I was looking for something to read, I decided to give it a shot. It was a fun read, and I give it a B+.

From Amazon:
Meet Bubbles Yablonsky, beautician-reporter-sleuth and blazing star of Strohmeyer's entertaining, establishment-bashing debut as a mystery writer. Like the mills that gird the book's seen-better-days steel town of Lehigh, Pa., the city is itself a seething cauldron. Battle lines are sharply drawn between the haves and have-nots. Bubbles is hell-bent on getting even with the overlords, especially her former husband, a heel who has gone over to the other side. Opportunity knocks when Bubbles incriminates a wealthy socialite in a brutal murder and then uncovers a murky past, where corpses are littered around the accused's steel-magnate husband. The going is never easy, as Bubbles faces more perils than Pauline: falling off a bridge in the arms of a potential suicide; dodging drive-by gunmen and car bombers; being handcuffed and fitted for cement boots; and always searching for a better way to display her cleavage. Armed with her certificate from Two Guys Community College, abetted by a quirky array of social castoffs and fueled by Doritos, Velveeta and Diet Pepsi, Bubbles overcomes every obstacle on her way to shaking the foundations of the corporate world and, in the process, leaving more than a few wrinkles in her ex's tailored Brooks Brothers suits. Hop in the Camaro and buckle up: Bubbles is behind the wheel, and a wild ride awaits.

I knew before reading this that there was a lot of comparison to Janet Evanovich and Stephanie Plum and I could definitely see the similarities. However, there were many differences as well that made this story really fun. I liked Bubbles and thought she was a great character, along with her daughter and even her wacko ex-husband. I mean what is not to like about a man who decides to change his name from Dan to Chip? I had a couple of laugh out loud moments and read this book fairly quickly. I also liked the fact that there were actual clues throughout the book that allows the reader to solve the crime and not just find out whodunit at the end. All in all, a fun and pleasant read which I needed today since I had some dental work done today and am in some pain.

Between reading and recovering today, I have been glued to the tv for several different reasons though they all had to do with politics. At lot of my friends don't understand why I get involved and watch the conventions but I like to be informed. That includes getting my news from various sources and doing my own research. I can finally say I have made a decision in this election and am hopeful for the first time in awhile. Then I switch over to local news and see how the city of Detroit is crumbling and falling apart in front of our eyes. The city's wonderful *sarcasm* mayor is in removal hearings with our slightly more wonderful governor being forced out of his job. Forget the 12 felonies he is facing, and his refusal to leave office, and breaking bond and leaving the country, today the news reported that Mr. Kilpatrick feels he is on his way out, so what does he do... give 35% raises to his friends and families in appointed positions! Our state is in such bad shape in the economy that each newscast shows a job opening for people to apply for that is offering $8.00 an hour. Foreclosures are crazy here and the mayor has threatened to layoff 100s of fire and police officers and he gives some people $36,000 a year raises. Ugh!!!!! Drives me crazy. If house prices had not fallen so much my husband and I would be out of here faster than you can blink. I can't find a full time job since teachers who are in their 60s can't afford to retire.

Sorry for going off on such a tangent. I know this blog is called Kristie Loves Books but today the news has been nuts and I had to get some things off of my chest. I have also been taking Vicodin for my pain so I am guessing that a lot of this doesn't even make sense. I will be returning to my regular scheduled programming tomorrow. Happy Reading!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bad Desire by Gary Devon

This is another book that I got from the thrift store. It is quite old, written 18 years ago. It was a good read, though, and I give it a B.

Back of the book:
He was obsessed. He knew it. She was so beautiful. So young. But how could Henry Lee Slater hope to get close to ravishing 17 year old Sheila Bonner- a high school girl? So much stood in the way- like her eagle-eyed grandmother and suspicious teenaged boyfriend. There was also Henry's own eminent political position as town mayor to be considered, and his passionately possessive wive. And what about the censorious citizens of a very conservative California community... and all the laws of God and man?

This book reminded me of an old Hitchcock movie. The way that things work out and how everything unfolds seems exactly like Hitchcock. This story had so many twists and turns, it took me awhile to discover what was going to happen. The suspense was done well and the ending was wonderful, though I did see it coming. The downsides of the book was all of the purple prose and all of these long descriptions. The book was 444 pages long, but it probably could have been at least 25% shorter if there wasn't so much description. I mean, honestly, I do not need a whole paragraph on which each star looks like in the sky. It was done over and over again and I will admit that I did skim quite a bit. Once I did skim it, I don't think I missed much.

Well school starts tomorrow, but I don't have a job and I doubt that I will this week. I can't see a lot of teachers missing the first week of school, especially since it is a short one with tomorrow being a half of a day. I am looking forward to a bit more vacation time. I hope everyone else had a great weekend and got lots of reading in! Happy Reading!