Monday, April 30, 2007

Don't Scream by Wendy Corsi Staub

It seemed to me that it took absolutely forever for me to get through this book. It had nothing to do with the book itself, but because I started it right before I got sick and then last week I was still worn out from it, so I got little reading done. I read quite a bit on Saturday, but then was gone all day yesterday, soooooo it took longer than I would normally have liked. Plus, the book was 476 pages long, so that added a bit of time. I am not complaining though, because I love Ms. Staub's suspense novels and I hate having to wait 1 year for them to come out. Anyways, a solid A for this book.

In a remote, heavily wooded area near the Berkshires of Massachusetts, Rachel Lorant died on her birthday. But she didn't die alone. That night, her four sorority sisters make a solemn, trembling pledge. They will never reveal what has just happened in those woods- ever. Instead, they will take their terrible secrets to their graves...

Now, ten years later, their secret is coming back to haunt them as each receives a card in the mail from Rachel: Happy Birthday to Me. xoxo R. It's clear that someone knows what happened that night. Someone is stalking them and sending mysterious, chilling gifts that only they can understand- deadly warnings of what is to come. For the sins of the past have come back with a vegeance, and a killer will see that they all pay in blood.

Brynn Costello has never felt such pure fear. She didn't want any part of what happened so long ago, but now, the mother of two will do anything to stay alive and protect her family- even if it means matching wits with a killer she can't see... a twisted psychopath who is closer than she thinks and who is saving her death for last...

I loved this book. I had absolutely no idea who the killer is until there was about 100 pages left, and then I was wrong. I was right about one other big part of the book, and somewhat right about another part of the book. Ms. Staub does suspense great and her characters are written so believeable. I mean I absolutely hated some of the characters and loved others. I just cannot recommend her books enough. I am planning on donating this (along with many others) to my local library for their used book sales or whatever they want to do with it. I just want to spread the love of Ms. Staubs writting. She also writes under the name of Wendy Markham and I adore those books as well. This book is loosely connected to the anthology that Ms. Staub wrote in that I reviewed not too long ago titled Most Likely to Die. There is no need to read that one first or even read it at all, but I just thought I would through that out there! Anyways, enough rambling, just run and get one of her books!

I am not sure what is up next. Something from the TBR. I don't have any library books right now, so I will see what catches my eye. I did just recently get some books last week with a $40 gift card to Barnes and Noble that my mom had. A client gave it to her, and while a reader, she just borrows books from me. So she gave it to me!!! How nice huh? Plus, my birthday is on Sunday, so I am sure I will be getting some gift cards/money that will be used towards books. And later this week is the huge library used book sale where I get wonderful books (for both my reading and my future classroom) for outstanding prices, so even more will be coming in. Such fun!

Anyways, happy reading and GOOOOO Wings!!! (Why oh why are we in the Western Conference? We are in a Easten Time Zone, and I have to wait until 10:00 for the game. I can't stay up for that the entire time! I have to work tomorrow! Ughh!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, since Sunday night I have been fighting off a flu bug or some food poisioning or something as I spent most of Sunday night and Monday in bed or over the porcelin God. While I am not feeling 100% better, basically still real tired, I got some excellent news today!

While subbing today, the teacher I was filling in for was there just in meetings. She came in when I was teaching and was apparently impressed with my skills. She told me she thought I was wonderful and told the principal how wonderful I was and what great classroom management skills I had. That was great enough to carry me on... but then I got the mail!

At home waiting for me was a notice from school. I had been selected for a scholarship! I am so happy! While it won't cover all of my tution for student teaching, it will help out a bit. Plus I also got a scholarship through the State of Michigan, so I am real happy!

Plus, the Wings won the first round and now we wait for San Jose tomorrow. Though they are probably tougher than Dallas and we lost the series 1-2 during the regular series, I am not afraid. We will smoke them! Lets Go Red Wings!

Just wanted to spread the news!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Giving Up

Well I am giving up. I tried reading Laura Lippman's What the Dead Know, but just could not get into it. I really don't like her style of writing. I am not sure what exactly it is, but it just bores me. This is not the first one of Ms. Lippman's novels that I have tried to read, but I just couldn't get into it. I really wanted to read it and love it, and in fact almost bought it in hardcover because I didn't want to wait for the library. I am glad I didn't waste my money, and am returning it tomorrow. I read over 100 pages and then gave up.

I then tried reading Sugar Daddy by Lisa K. I only read about 20 pages or so and was just skimming, so I don't know if it is me or the book. I am just going to take it back as well because there is a long waiting list, and I have so many other books to read. It isn't one that I absolutely positively want to read this second, so I figure might as well allow others to get to it.

Up next is Wendy Corsi Staub's Don't Scream. I love her, so this should be able to get me out of the slump or whatever. I feel like crap still from last night (we did a bit of partying and having fun) and even though I barely drank, I am still hungover. That is why I don't drink. I need to remember this. What a waste of a wonderful day. And the Wings are on right now and there is about 2 minutes left of the game with a 1-1 tie. If we win tonight, those loser goons that call themselves the Flames will be done. They were disgusting yesterday just trying to hurt our players. I don't know if I will be able to stay up for the overtime because I have to work tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great start to the week. Happy reading and GOOOO Wings!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red by Erica Spindler

I love all of Erica Spindler's books, as they have both suspense and romance in them. After reading the first one, I immediately checked out her website for her backlist and got all of them that I could. The only one I couldn't find was Red, so I put it on hold at my library and after about 6 months it finally came in. It was well worth the wait and I give it a solid B+.

Becky Lynn Lee was a nobody. Everybody told her so- the ladies who snubbed her at Opal's Cut n Curl, the boys who hurt her and used her, the family who didn't want her. But Becky Lynn had dreams. And when it came time to dream for real- or die a slow death in Bend, Mississippi- Becky fled to a world where dreams do come true.

Jack Gallagher wanted to be a somebody- he wanted to be the top fashion photographer in the world. He wanted to be bigger than the father who denied him, better than the half brother who claimed all of their father's love. And he was getting there... fast. He was hot, he was sexy, and he was damn good.

Now in a world where beauty and illusion are intertwined, Becky Lynn and Jack command the spotlight. She's a model who's reached the top; he's a high-priced photographer in constant demand. But is the cost of fame too high? Because beneath the glittering facade lurk secrets that threaten to destroy all they've achieved...

While this book had no suspense and a little romance, I really enjoyed it. I loved rooting for Becky Lynn and enjoyed seeing her take steps to achieve a dream she always wanted through hard work. The story is told throughout the years, I believe over 12 or so years. I love this as you get to see how the characters grow and change over time. It really is a heartwarming story and, I think, a good look on the inside of the fashion world. Though the book was written in the early 90's, it still holds up well. While I tend to like suspense stories more so than romance, this book did not leave me wanting a serial killer. I loved the light, tenderness of Becky Lynn and her trials that she endures. It has a happy ending, though there were quite a few twists and turns. I would highly recommend it!

Up next is Laura Lippman's What the Dead Know. There is also a Red Wings game on this afternoon and they MUST win today! After being up 2-0 in the series and letting the Flames come back and tie it, they have to win at home before going back to Calgary. So far the series has been the winner to be the home team, and that is fine with me if it continues that way since the Wings have home ice advantage. I will be proudly displaying my red as I join the Red Wave to cheer on my Wings! GOOOOOO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Rant and Murder of a Botoxed Blonde by Denise Swanson

First of all, I would like to say that all of my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragedy at Virigina Tech, whether you know someone or just feel horrible that something so disgusting can happen. It is unbelievable that some people can be so messed up. I know this may sound crude, but he should have just shot himself and saved the huge impact it will have on many, many lives for years to come. And one other thing... I saw a bit of the View today, and Rosie O'Donnell needs to shut her trap! Blaming the government for this tragedy... if someone, anyone, wants to get a gun, they will whether they are illegal or not. What about people that cause destruction with bombs (i.e. Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, wackos who blow up abortion clincs)? Last time I checked, bombs are not legal and sold at stores but they caused destruction. And if Rosie is so anti-gun (and just real quick, I do not own a gun, like guns, or want a gun but believe in our Ammendment right), why does she feel it's all right for her bodyguards to carry a gun? I will not watch that show anymore! I can't STAND her, but because of another ammendent right, she has the right to freedom of speech and can say her stupid idiotic comments! I just will choose not to listen. Whew....... sorry,but I just got really revved up!

Now, off my soapbox and on to books. I began reading Ms. Swanson's Scumble River series on accident a couple of years ago. I got the name of an author mixed up and got one of her books. While I realized it, I still read it and got the following books in the series. It is a fun, cozy mystery series to read and I enjoy it. This book was a fun and easy read, but just average, so I give it a C.

A health spa complete with tofu turkey and "Dress for Sexcess" lectures is the last place school psychologist Skye Denison wants to spend Thanksgiving. But when her best friend, Trixie Frayne, convinces her to take a complimentary weekend at the new Scumble River Spa, Skye accepts her fate and prepares to be slathered, wrapped, and roasted.

Then an annoying quartet that includes both Skye's mom and her ex-boyfriend'd mother impulsively joins her a girls-only holiday, and Skye wonders just how bad things can get. She soon finds out- when she's confronted with treatments only a masochist would enjoy, a diet plan fit for a Barbie doll, and a troublesome trespasser searching for a cache of jewels supposedly hidden on the spa ground seventy years ago. Worst of all, a famous former model turns up dead in the Miracle Mud bath. It looks like no one will be leaving the spa until Skye can identify which of the eccentric guests, pesky local protesters, or sneaky treasure hunters is also a killer deserving of special treatment- in the county jail.

Like I said, this was an average book. An easy read, and quite short, coming in at only 239 pages. I enjoy Scumble River and the towns people and the Doozier clan who are always in the story in a fun, exciting way. However, I do enjoy when Skye interacts with her students and there wasn't any of that in the story. I also was getting a little tired of the love triangle that seems to be constantly changing, and would just like Skye to pick one person and stick with them. However, it was a nice break from the heavier Picoult books I have been reading, though I am glad I got this book from the library.

Up next is a book I have had on hold for a looooong time through my county's library system. It is Red by Erica Spindler, whose all other novels I have really enjoyed. I have never been able to find it at the bookstore, regular or UBS. This book is in such bad shape I am almost afraid to read it! I think the pages may fall out.

Watching the Wing's game though it just started at 10:20 and I have to be at school tomorrow for my subbing job. I am going to be a librarian tomorrow! I think that sounds like fun! Have a great night everyone and happy reading.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult

Well keeping up with my glomming of Jodi Picoult novels, I got Perfect Match when I went to different library. This one sounded really promising, and while I absolutely loved the writing, I really did not like the story. In fact, I was mad while reading it. Still, I liked Ms. Picoult's writing, so I will give the book a B-.

What does it mean to be a good mother? For career-driven assistant district attorney Nina Frost, the question inspires pangs of guilt familiar to all parents torn by the demands of home and office. But whereas most parents lie awake at night vividly conjuring the worst scenarios that could befall their children in their absence, Nina lives the reality of such crises- and it's her job to do something about them. Nina Frost prosecutes child molesters- and in the course of her everyday work, she has endured the frustration of seeing too many criminals slip through the system and walk free.

A man as methodical and careful as his wife is instinctive and mercurial. Caleb Frost is a stonemason who glories in his ability to construct with his own hands the physical barriers that will keep out the unwanted- and protect all that is precious within. But even the strongest walls cannot guard Nina and Caleb from the shattering discovery that their own beloved son has been sexually abused.

Five-year-old Nathaniel is the only one who knows the identity of his assilant- but in the initial fallout of his trauma, he's been left mute, unable to speak a single word. Knowing the futility of trusting the courts to exact justice for Nathaniel, and ripped apart by a maddening sense of helplessness, Nina finds herself in a grip of rage she can't deny- no matter the consequence, whatever the sacrifice. What does it take to be a good mother? How far can a person go... and still live with herself? What happens if one's absolute truths and convictions are turned upside down?

First of all, I just did not like Nina. I think she is selfish and she drove me nuts. I really could feel no sympathy for her, which really surprised me considering the fact that normally I would agree with someone like that. I read the book so quickly though, and the story kept moving along real well. I just had the hardest time relating to Nina, and some of the other characters in the story. I loved Nathaniel and Caleb, but Nina really grated on my nerves. If Ms. Picoult did not have such a wonderful voice, I definitely would not have even finished the book, much less read through it so fast and give it such a high rating. I don't want to give away a ton of spoilers (though I am pretty sure no one reads this), so I won't go into why I hate it so much.

I think I am going to read another library book next, perhaps the newest one by Denise Swanson. My Wings won again today, so I am in a good mood. Just have to wait until Tuesday night, 10:00 p.m. They won 3-1!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bloody Mary by J.A. Konrath

I just finished listening to Bloody Mary on CD in my car. I have wanted to read some of this author's books for awhile, so when I saw this at the library I jumped on the chance. I am glad I did. I gave the book a B with the reading an A.

When two arms, sans body, turn up at a Chicago morgue, Det. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels is surprised to discover that the mysterious limbs are joined by her own handcuffs. The killer appears to have a grudge as well as unsettling access to Jack. The dual narrative alternately follows detective and murderer, leaving little to the imagination, particularly in the realm of gore. The author reveals so much about the crimes and their motivation that the plot loses steam until the fiend is caught (halfway through the novel) and the focus shifts to ensuring that he doesn't walk. The legal finagling is a bit far-fetched, but the battle of wills between the psychopath and the cop keeps the pages turning. And like any hard-boiled detective, Jack has a problematic personal life, juggling two unstable relationships and caring for her ailing mother.

It was a good story, though I would find it difficult to call the story a mystery. You discover early on who the murderer is, though there are some twists and turns that have you wondering how everyone is going to ge through all of this. I enjoyed the way the story is told over several months, and there were quite a few laughs.

I really loved the readers. There were two, one male and one female. They changed their voices for each of the characters and really gave more depth to the story. They were able to go back and forth with each other and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely be looking for more of this author's books, particularly on audiobook.

Have a great weekend, again!

The Hunt by Allison Brennan

I got The Hunt when it first came out. I read the first book in the trilogy, The Prey, and really enjoyed it, giving it a 3.5. I am not sure when I didn't read this one right away, but for some reason I didn't. I finally picked it up, probably because I recently bought the newest books in Ms. Brennan's newest trilogy. Though it was a slow start, I enjoyed it giving it a B read.

Twelve years ago, Miranda Moore miraculously survived the torture of a serial killer who was never caught. Since then, Miranda, a former FBI trainee and now a member of a local search-and-rescue squad, has witnessed with horror the recovery of the mutilated bodies of seven young women, all victims of her tomentor, known as The Butcher. When another beautiful Montana college student goes missing, the Feds get involved, and an agent, a man Miranda once trusted with her heart, arrives to take over the investigation- forcing her toward a painful choice.

Now, while Miranda battles her demons, while friends, lovers, and traitors are caught up in a frantic race against time, a killer hides in plain sight- waiting to finish the one hunt he has left undone.

The suspense was done and written very well and there were a few times I was anxious for the characters of the story. The romance was very predicitible, and at times kind of made me mad. I don't want to include any spoilers, so I will just say that it kind of irritated me.

Allison Brennan is definitely a promising suspense author. Like I mentioned above, I have all of her new books that came out and plan on getting to them soon. I also want to read the last one in this trilogy, The Kill. I have one more test on Tuesday and one more take home test to finish, and then only one online class this upcoming semester. I plan on getting a lot of reading done and am hoping that the weather will finally break and I can enjoy my books outside!

Tomorrow, not sure how much reading will get done as the RED WINGS will be playing in the second playoff game. They kicked arse on Thursday and hopefully will continue with the grit and toughness they showed! 1:00 p.m. the puck drops and I will be all decked out!

Up next is the last Jodi Picoult novel I have. I also got at the bookstore last night the latest Wendy Corsi Staub novel, that is not supposed to be released until May 1. I LOVE her and she is probably one of my fave authors. Definitely want to get that in soon. Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

Continuing on my glomming of Jodi Picoult's books, I got this one from the library. It sounded promising and a little different than other books written. In between the chapters, there were comics that contain a hidden message. It was fun to look for, and even more fun and pleasurable to read. Another solid A-.

Trixie Stone is fourteen years old and in love for the first time. She's also the light of her father's life- a straight A student; a freshman in high school who is pretty and popular; a girl who's always looked up to Daniel Stone as a hero. Until, that is, her world is turned upside down with a single act of violence... and suddenly everything Trixie has believed about her family and her herself seems to be a lie.

For fifteen years, Daniel Stone has been an even-tempered, mild-mannered man: a stay-at-home dad to Trixie and a husband who has put his own career as a comic book artist behind that of his wife, Laura, who teaches Dante's Inferno at a local college. But years ago, he was completely different: growing up as the only white boy in an Eskimo village, he was teased mercilessly for the color of his skin. He learned to fight back: stealing, drinking, robbing, and cheating his way out of the Alaskan bush. To become part of a family, he reinvented himself, channeling his rage onto the page and burying his past completely... until now. Could the young boy who once made Trixie's face fill with light when he came to the door have been the one to end her childhood forever? She says that he is, and that is all it takes to make Daniel, a man with a history he has hidden even from his family, venture to hell and back in order to protect his daughter.

I really enjoyed this book, just like the others. You really get to the depths of the three main characters' minds and how all of the events that take place effect everyone. My heart really bleeds for Trixie and her parents, and the way that some of the citizens of the town act and behave is disgusting. Ms. Picoult's writing is so descriptive and I feel that I am in the little town of Maine where the story takes place. Ms. Picoult is a wonderful treasure that I am so glad I discovered. In fact, I got another one of her books from the library today, Perfect Match, and am looking forward to starting it.

If anyone has read The Tenth Circle and have found the secret quotation hidden in the pages, please let me know. While I had fun trying to find all of the letters, it was hard on the eyes after reading 150+ pages to finish this book. I really want to know what the secret is!

I may take a quick break from Ms. Picoult's novels to keep me waiting and torturing myself. I think I am going to pick up on of Allison Brennan's novels, probably from the old series. I read the first one in the first trilogy, and I think I may pick up the second one. Then maybe on to Perfect Match and then finish it off. I think I may just appreicate it even more. Have a great night and happy reading!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

After reading Nineteen Minutes, I had to check out more of Ms. Picoult's novels. I went to one of my local libraries and this was the only one they had. I grabbed it up and am glad I did. Another great book and so much fun to read. A solid A-.

Delia Hopkins has led a charmed life. Raised in rural New Hampshire by her beloved, widowed father, she now has a young daughter, a handsome fiance, and her own search and rescue bloodhound, which she uses to find missing persons. But as Delia plans her own wedding, she is plagued by flashbacks she can't recall... until a policeman knocks on her door revealing a secret about herself that changes the world as she knows it- and threatens to jeopardize her future. With Vanishing Acts, Jodi Picoult explores how life- as we know it- might not turn out the way we imagined;how the people we've loved and trusted can suddenly change before our very eyes; how the memory we thought had vanished could return as a threat. Once again, Picoult handles an astonishing and timely topic with understanding, insight, and compassion.

I really enjoyed this book. The topic was wonderful and done in a way that really showed me that there are always two sides to every story. The story had me laughing and crying and very scared for thinking that there may be an ending in a way that I did not want to see happen. I love the way that the chapters are set up and really allow you to get into the heads of all of the characters. I know some people do not like first person narrators, but I really do.

The one reason why I didn't give it an A is because of the ending. I am not sure where everyone will be in five minutes or days, let alone five months from now. I guess I am just the type of person that needs some resolution and ending.

I thought that there was a great love triangle and you really get to the heart of all of the characters. Even though the story is over 400 pages, I flew through it and part of me didn't want it to end. I hope all of her books are like this!

I have The Tenth Circle also waiting for me which I will probably start tonight.

Have a great Easter and a good weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Size 14 is Not Fat Either

I got Size 14 is Not Fat Either by Meg Cabot at the library. I love Ms. Cabot's style of writing and had read her previous book in the Heather Wells' series and enjoyed it, so I was excited to pick this one up as well. I enjoyed it very much and gave it a B+.

Former pop star Heather Wells has settled nicely into her new life as assistant dorm director at New York College- a career that does not require her to drape her size 12 body in embarrassingly skimpy outfits. She can even cope (sort of) with her rocker ex-boyfriend's upcoming nuptials, which the press dubbed The Celebrity Wedding of the Decade. But she's definitely having a hard time dealing with the situation in the dormitory kitchen- where a cheerleader has lost her head on the first day of the semester. (Actually her head is accounted for- it's her torso that's AWOL.)

Surrounded by hysterical students- with her ex-con father on her doorstep and her ex-love bombarding her with unwanted phone calls- Heather welcomes the opportunity to play detective... again. If it gets off her mind her personal problems- and teams her up with the gorgeous P.I. who owns the brownstone where she lives- it's all good. But the murder trail is leading the average-sized amateur investigator into a shadowy world. And if she doesn't watch her step, Heather will soon be singing her swan song!

I had a lot of fun with this book. It was a very quick read, with me starting it at 8:00 last night and reading for about 2 hours and then finishing it today in about a 1/2 an hour. Heather is a funny character and I love being thrown into her world. I like the her friends and no one gets on my nerves, a rarity. I am interested in her and Cooper's relationship and seeing if it is going to go somewhere. I believe that there is a third one coming out in the series and I will be getting it from the library. I am planning on checking out Meg's backlist, including her y.a. books, because she is such a fun writer and the personalities of her characters really jump off of the pages.

I broke down and bought some books today. I figured I lasted this long from the no buying book, so I went to the thrift store and to Borders. I got 9 books and only spent $21.00! And really, I only spend $1.00 since I had a gift card to Borders. I got The Dead Room by Robert Ellis (a new to me author), Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag, A Lying Silence by Laura Coburn (another new to me author), The Morning After by Lisa Jackson and Headhunter by Michael Slade (another new to me author) from the thrift store all for $1.00. Then at Borders, between the buy 3 get 1 free and a coupon, I got The Dying Game by Beverly Barton (continues the character from Most Likely to Die, the anthonology with Wendy Corsi Staub and Lisa Jackson), Fear no Evil and See No Evil by Allison Brennan and Target by Stella Cameron. Not too bad of a haul. It is SNOWING here and I have the next week off from subbing, so I needed some reinforcements (nevermind the TBR piles...) to keep me busy.

Up next is Jodi Picoult's Vanishing Acts. I am looking forward to it, especially after reading Nineteen Minutes. I have to get ready for school shortly and then there is a Wings' game on tonight, so we will see how much I get read tonight. Happy reading!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Interview Room by Roderick Anscombe

I got The Interview Room from Borders shortly before my book buying fasting. When I finished up my last book, I went into the TBR room and this book had fallen off of its shelf. I picked it up and decided to read it. It was a good read, with me giving it a 3 out of 5 stars. Actually, I think I am going to change my grading to a letter system, so I would give this a B.

In a drab room in a hospital for the criminally insane, Dr. Paul Lucas can tell whether a patient is lying or lost, salvageable, evil, or insane. Paul interviews criminals and killers all the time. But he has never had an interview like this one...

Craig Cavanaugh is accused of stalking a female Harvard instructor. With his good looks, intelligence, and money, Craig has no doubt that he can outsmart his doctor, that love will accuse his actions, and money will set him free. And Paul is about to discover how right- and how dangerous- Craig really is.

Suddenly, Paul's personal life is imploding. His beautiful wife is tied to a sordid murder. And his grip on his profession and even his sanity is slipping... What began with a typical, carefully controlled session in the interview room has turned into this: Paul faces a master manipulator- with no rules, no walls, and only one way out...

This book was great in the psychological aspect and the mystery was played out pretty well. Though there was not a whole lot of whodunit in the story, the suspense was high. Mr. Ansombe is a new to me author, and I think he will go far. The stalker aspect was done differently, and through Paul's psychological profiles and questioning of Craig really allow the reader to get inside Craig's head and learn more about sociopaths.

The things I had problems with in this story was some of the writing. Mr. Ansombe goes into a lot of detail, and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. I also did not like Paul's wife Abby. I was not sympathetic to her at all, and she really got on my nerves. Her character is probably one of the main reasons why I marked this book down some.

This seems to be part of a series, and from what I can see, the first in it. I do plan on reading the next one to see more about Paul and his relationship with his wife and am interested in seeing what he gets involved with next. The next one will be released in hardcover, however, and when Lent is over and I am allowed to buy more books, I will not be getting any in hardcover. I will look for it at the library, and if they don't have it, I will just wait for the paperback. I am not that anxious to see what happens.

Well that's it for me. I did find out where I will be placed for my student teaching in the fall so that was nice. The Wings won tonight, and as of right now we are in the lead for the Western conference. Only 2 more games and then its time for the playoffs! GO WINGS!

I am off to bed. Up next is Size 14 is not Fat Either by Meg Cabot, whose reading I love! Have a great day tomorrow and happy reading!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Dying in Style by Elaine Viets

I got Elaine Viet's first book in her new series, the Mystery Shopper series, because I absolutely adore her Dead End Job series. I had it sitting on the bookshelf since I bought it (I don't know why I do that, I have to run out and get a book as soon as it released and then just let it sit there). It was a fun read and I enjoyed it. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Women would kill for Josie Marcus's job as a mystery shopper, which takes her in and out of boutiques, supermarkets, even fast-food joints to report on quality and service. Besides being a single mom to a nine-year old, Josie is the undercover shopping police, protecting unsuspecting consumers everywhere. And she never falsifies her reports, even if it's a matter of life, death, or a red-tag sale...

Ah, the Danessa Celedine handbag. To have one is to invite envy and flaunt wealth, with each bag costing upward of five thousand dollars. When a large company considers paying millions of dollars for use of the Danessa name, Josie's hired to inspect the designer's stores anonymously. And each boutique is worse than the one beofre. Her less than stellar report provokes threats of a lawsuit... until Danessa is strangled with one of her own thousand-dollar snakeskin belts. Josie better bag the killer before she winds up in an ugly jailhouse outfit herself...

I really like Josie's character and the other characters in the story such as her best friend Alyce, her mother Jane, and her daughter. There were several other small subplots that were running through the story and I really enjoyed those as well. The mystery was well done, though I don't think there were enough clues for the reader to discover the murderer. I loved Josie's shopping trips as a mystery shopper as well.

While I didn't like Josie as much as a I LOVE Helen from the Dead-End Series. I think I laughed a bit more in Helen's stories. I will continue to read the series and enjoyed it. I already have the next one sitting on the shelves and will get to it soon. (See, now here's another thing... why do I buy 2 books in a series without even reading the first one... It's CRAZY!!)

Up next is a thriller, called The Interview Room by a new to me author. I have a project to finish, and then I am taking my book outside to read. It is 74 degrees out right now, and by Wednesday... the 30's. UGH!!!!

One more week and then I get to buy books! I am proud that I have made it through Lent without buying one, and I am not going to go hog wild on Sunday. I am saving all of my money from not buying and getting more from the library. After realizing that I don't read books as soon as I get them, I can wait for them to come into the library.

Have a good relaxing Sunday! Happy reading!