Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, since Sunday night I have been fighting off a flu bug or some food poisioning or something as I spent most of Sunday night and Monday in bed or over the porcelin God. While I am not feeling 100% better, basically still real tired, I got some excellent news today!

While subbing today, the teacher I was filling in for was there just in meetings. She came in when I was teaching and was apparently impressed with my skills. She told me she thought I was wonderful and told the principal how wonderful I was and what great classroom management skills I had. That was great enough to carry me on... but then I got the mail!

At home waiting for me was a notice from school. I had been selected for a scholarship! I am so happy! While it won't cover all of my tution for student teaching, it will help out a bit. Plus I also got a scholarship through the State of Michigan, so I am real happy!

Plus, the Wings won the first round and now we wait for San Jose tomorrow. Though they are probably tougher than Dallas and we lost the series 1-2 during the regular series, I am not afraid. We will smoke them! Lets Go Red Wings!

Just wanted to spread the news!

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Kristie (J) said...

Wow!! Congatulations and what excellent news. Scholarships always help!!