Sunday, April 15, 2007

Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult

Well keeping up with my glomming of Jodi Picoult novels, I got Perfect Match when I went to different library. This one sounded really promising, and while I absolutely loved the writing, I really did not like the story. In fact, I was mad while reading it. Still, I liked Ms. Picoult's writing, so I will give the book a B-.

What does it mean to be a good mother? For career-driven assistant district attorney Nina Frost, the question inspires pangs of guilt familiar to all parents torn by the demands of home and office. But whereas most parents lie awake at night vividly conjuring the worst scenarios that could befall their children in their absence, Nina lives the reality of such crises- and it's her job to do something about them. Nina Frost prosecutes child molesters- and in the course of her everyday work, she has endured the frustration of seeing too many criminals slip through the system and walk free.

A man as methodical and careful as his wife is instinctive and mercurial. Caleb Frost is a stonemason who glories in his ability to construct with his own hands the physical barriers that will keep out the unwanted- and protect all that is precious within. But even the strongest walls cannot guard Nina and Caleb from the shattering discovery that their own beloved son has been sexually abused.

Five-year-old Nathaniel is the only one who knows the identity of his assilant- but in the initial fallout of his trauma, he's been left mute, unable to speak a single word. Knowing the futility of trusting the courts to exact justice for Nathaniel, and ripped apart by a maddening sense of helplessness, Nina finds herself in a grip of rage she can't deny- no matter the consequence, whatever the sacrifice. What does it take to be a good mother? How far can a person go... and still live with herself? What happens if one's absolute truths and convictions are turned upside down?

First of all, I just did not like Nina. I think she is selfish and she drove me nuts. I really could feel no sympathy for her, which really surprised me considering the fact that normally I would agree with someone like that. I read the book so quickly though, and the story kept moving along real well. I just had the hardest time relating to Nina, and some of the other characters in the story. I loved Nathaniel and Caleb, but Nina really grated on my nerves. If Ms. Picoult did not have such a wonderful voice, I definitely would not have even finished the book, much less read through it so fast and give it such a high rating. I don't want to give away a ton of spoilers (though I am pretty sure no one reads this), so I won't go into why I hate it so much.

I think I am going to read another library book next, perhaps the newest one by Denise Swanson. My Wings won again today, so I am in a good mood. Just have to wait until Tuesday night, 10:00 p.m. They won 3-1!

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