Sunday, April 1, 2007

Dying in Style by Elaine Viets

I got Elaine Viet's first book in her new series, the Mystery Shopper series, because I absolutely adore her Dead End Job series. I had it sitting on the bookshelf since I bought it (I don't know why I do that, I have to run out and get a book as soon as it released and then just let it sit there). It was a fun read and I enjoyed it. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Women would kill for Josie Marcus's job as a mystery shopper, which takes her in and out of boutiques, supermarkets, even fast-food joints to report on quality and service. Besides being a single mom to a nine-year old, Josie is the undercover shopping police, protecting unsuspecting consumers everywhere. And she never falsifies her reports, even if it's a matter of life, death, or a red-tag sale...

Ah, the Danessa Celedine handbag. To have one is to invite envy and flaunt wealth, with each bag costing upward of five thousand dollars. When a large company considers paying millions of dollars for use of the Danessa name, Josie's hired to inspect the designer's stores anonymously. And each boutique is worse than the one beofre. Her less than stellar report provokes threats of a lawsuit... until Danessa is strangled with one of her own thousand-dollar snakeskin belts. Josie better bag the killer before she winds up in an ugly jailhouse outfit herself...

I really like Josie's character and the other characters in the story such as her best friend Alyce, her mother Jane, and her daughter. There were several other small subplots that were running through the story and I really enjoyed those as well. The mystery was well done, though I don't think there were enough clues for the reader to discover the murderer. I loved Josie's shopping trips as a mystery shopper as well.

While I didn't like Josie as much as a I LOVE Helen from the Dead-End Series. I think I laughed a bit more in Helen's stories. I will continue to read the series and enjoyed it. I already have the next one sitting on the shelves and will get to it soon. (See, now here's another thing... why do I buy 2 books in a series without even reading the first one... It's CRAZY!!)

Up next is a thriller, called The Interview Room by a new to me author. I have a project to finish, and then I am taking my book outside to read. It is 74 degrees out right now, and by Wednesday... the 30's. UGH!!!!

One more week and then I get to buy books! I am proud that I have made it through Lent without buying one, and I am not going to go hog wild on Sunday. I am saving all of my money from not buying and getting more from the library. After realizing that I don't read books as soon as I get them, I can wait for them to come into the library.

Have a good relaxing Sunday! Happy reading!

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