Tuesday, August 26, 2008

L.A. Connections by Jackie Collins

Another Jackie Collins book and I know, I know that I am being repetetive. What can I say... I am trying to stretch out the summer as much as possible. Back to school on Tuesday, though I am sure I will not be called to sub then, but still the days are getting shorter and I am not ready! Anyways, another great read and lots of fun. I give L.A. Connections a B+.

Back of the book:
A killer is playing a deadly game inside the enxlusive mansions of L.A. Drawn into this dangerous world are a high-class call girl looking for a way out... a ruthless agent playing for high stakes... and a beautiful journalist chasing the story of her career. They are about to discover the rules of survival in this city of dreamers and deceivers.

This book was actually a miniseries of four books that was combined into one book. I am very glad that I read the whole book once and didn't want to have find all four of the books. However, because of the books being combined there was some repeating of the information that I just finished reading. I wish an editor could have gone through and deleted some of that, but it was just a little nitpicking. It was another fun read and as I have mentioned several times before I love reading about Hollywood and the way some people behave out there.

Up next is a book off of the tbr stack. I am not sure what one it is going to be but I am going to take a peek and decide. Happy Reading everyone!!!

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