Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Party Crashers by Stephanie Bond

I am not sure how long this book has been sitting on my shelves, but I would guess a good couple of years. I decided to grab it because I know I got quite a few laughs out of the previous books I had read by Ms. Bond, but I guess this one wasn't as good. I can only give it a B.

From Amazon:
Jolie Goodman never yearned for a life in Atlanta's fast lane. All she wants is a career in real estate, and she's willing to sell shoes in Neiman Marcus over the holidays to make ends meet. But recently, her boyfriend vanished -- with her car -- and her search for answers leads her to some very exclusive circles. Jolie hooks up with a pair of retail fashionistas who have made crashing society bashes an art form, and soon findsherself rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous ... and rubbing other body parts with one of Atlanta's most eligible bachelors!
But Jolie can't shake the feeling that she's being pursued ... right into a dangerous clique where friends and enemies look the same, and flirtation is the preferred party favor. Jolie and her gal pals become the toast of the town ... until a body turns up at a sexy soiree the women have crashed. The fun and games come to a dead end when the "crashers" are fingered for the murder. The women have to pull all the tricks out of their designer bags to try to trap a stalker before Jolie, once the life of the party, becomes the death of the party.

This was a good book, just really nothing spectacular. Maybe I was ready for the sweet little romance that I know was going to be in the book, and that is what may have dragged me down a bit. I like a good, gentle romance every now and then but just wasn't in the mood right now. I did have a smile in some places and did like all of the characters. This book just wasn't as funny as the others were, so I felt a little let down. Still, I am glad I read this book.

Up next is The Girls He Adorded by Jonathan Nasaw. This is another book that has been downstairs forever, and promises to be a dark, dark thriller. A feel like I haven't read a thriller in awhile, so I hope it is a good one. Happy Reading!

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