Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prime Time by Joan Collins

I went to the library to get a book by Jackie Collins and found books written by Joan Collins, the actress of an old show I loved. The premise sounded promising, so I decided to pick it up. However, it was a disappointment and I can only give it a C.

From Amazon:
Her milieu is Hollywood in the 1980s, where five actresses are testing for the "greatest goddamn woman's role since Scarlett O'Hara." The coveted part is that of Miranda, the glamorous, voluptuous, bitchy ex-wife of a business tycoon in a TV series resembling Dynasty. Top contender is beautiful Chloe Carriere, a British songstress married (and faithful) to an aging rock star with a penchant for young girls. She harbors a carefully guarded secretan illegitimate love child whom she dotes on, but who knows her as Aunt Chloe. Generating only tepid suspense with this soap-opera staple, Collins is equally inept with a second element of attempted intrigue: a disturbed young man so obsessed by another actress vying for the prized part that he plots to kill the "sluts" who are competing for the role.

This book didn't have a whole lot to offer. There was a ton of name dropping from stars in the past and a lot of technical aspects of the movie business in it. I thought from the description of the book there would be a bit more suspense, but it really kind of fell flat. There were a ton of characters to try and keep straight, and it was not the easiest thing. There was no clear timeline and it was difficult to understand the passage of time and it let me kind of confused. The characters were not really developed so I didn't find an emotional connection to them. I am not sorry I read this book, but was somewhat let down.

Up next is another Jackie Collins book, the next one in the Lucky series. I love series, especially when new characters are introduced and we also get to follow along with the old favorites. I am loving this week off and getting a lot of reading done. I hope everyone is also having a great weekend and Happy Reading!

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