Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peril by Thomas H. Cook

After reading Red Leaves by Thomas H. Cook, I decided to go on a glom of his books, picking up three of his books from the library. Peril sounded interesting and different from most everything else I read, so I decided to pick it up and try it out. However, it was a bit disppointing, and I only rate it a C.

Inside cover:
Sara Labriola is a married woman haunted by the shattering secrets of her past- and terrified of the future. Tired of living in fear, Sara decides to do the only thing she can: she makes herself disappear.
On the sultry, seductive streets of New York City, Sara will reinvent herself. She will change her identity, and maybe even get the happy ending she's always dreamed of.
But six desperate ad dangerous men- each with the power to destroy her- are on Sara's trail. And none of them suspect that the woman they are seekinig has a dangerous secret of her own. For Sara is leading all of them down a path of private demons, past sins... and the deadliest peril.

I did enjoy the way the story was told, with each of the main characters, and even some of the minor characters, telling the story through their eyes every few pages. I thought it gave the reader a great insight into what each character was thinking and their motivation for their actions. However, after that, the story really lost a lot of it's punch. There was a lot of drag time, and the story was boring at times. I was a bit disappointed, especially since I have a couple more of his books checked out from the library. I won't return them unread, but if they don't grab me right away, I will not stick with them. There are just too many books out there begging to be read!

Up next is another library book by another author who've I had a lot of success with. Someone Else's Daughter by Elizabeth Brundage. I read her previous book, The Doctor's Wife, which I absolutely loved, so I am hoping there is a great book to follow up with. Happy Reading everyone!

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Literary Feline said...

I'm sorry this one didn't turn out better. It's so disappointing when a book gets off to a good start and then sags after that.