Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hedge Fund Wives by Tatiana Boncompagni

Hedge Fund Wives is a book I read about on a couple blogs and it really interested me. Reading about rich, spoiled (sometimes), socialite wives sitting around? Perfect summer reading if you ask me. I started it last night, and as it was a very fast read, I finished it this afternoon. I really liked it and give it a B+.

Back cover:
When her husband, John, is recruited to be a big-time hedge fund manager, Marcy Emerson gives up her job, uproots her life, and moves from Chicago to New York City. But try as she might, Marcy is never going to fit into one of the supposed seven categories of Hedge Fund Wives- the Accidental, the Westminster, the Stephanie Seymour, the Former Secretary, the Socalite, the Workaholic, or the Breeder- especially when behind every smile may lurk a stab in the back.
In a perfect world, John would have been there to help her navigate the waters, but in this volitale financial market. relationships have a way of nosediving faster than the Dow, and Marcy quickly finds herself tossed aside for a thinner, blonder model. But while living out of a suitcase and drowning her sorrows in cocktails, Marcy realizes it's time to get back up on her own two feet again... and fight for those things in her life that are far more important than money.

I loved Marcy and found her to be a real, down-to-earth character and found myself cheering for her throughout the story. I really liked how the author didn't make her this perfect person, who is all sweet and kind all of the time. While at times she acts like the fact that her husband makes over $100 million a year doesn't change her, she is able to self-reflect on herself and her actions and learn from them. It was heartwarming and refreshing to see this in a story and I enjoyed seeing Marcy grow and learn. The author also does a fantastic job explaining what, exactly, a hedge fund is, and shows how those in big leagues in NYC are affected by the recession and economy that we are all going through right now. More than chick lit, this was an enjoyable fiction read I will be looking for more of Ms. Boncompagni's books in the future.

I am not sure what is up next, though it will be another library book. I don't anticipate having much more reading time this weekend as tonight I meeting my mom and brother for dinner this evening and tomorrow we are going to the Detroit Tiger's game with my dad and his wife before going to my in-laws' house. Fun times ahead (this is sarcasm)... but Monday I will be back to my blessed time off and reading time. Happy Reading everyone!


Literary Feline said...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, Kristie, even if it's not quite how you'd like to spend your time. :-)

I am glad this book was better for you than the last one. Wouldn't that be nice to be rich and spoiled? Well, rich anyway. :-)

Marcy sounds like a great character, one that I would like as well.

Kristie said...

It would be nice not to have worry about money, but I think the more I read about those with money, the more I realize there are still problems and worries. I would be happy with a windfall of $1000 just to go on a shopping spree or pad my account a bit...

Thanks for commenting so much! I really appreciate it!