Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Desert Places by Blake Crouch

I believe I heard about Desert Places on bookbitch.com though I could be mistaken. My interest was picqued though by reading the review, so I decided to place this one on hold from my library. It was a difficult book to read, and very graphic, but still very suspensful. I give it a B.

Inside cover:
Andrew Z. Thomas is a successful writer of suspense thrillers, living the dream at his lake house in the piedmont of North Carolina. One afternoon in late spring, he receives a bizarre letter that eventually threathens his career, his sanity, and the lives of everyone he loves. A murderer is designing his future, and for the life of him, Andrew can't get away.

There were definitely a lot of twists and turns in this book, and quite often I was left gasping aloud. The book starts out with a bang, when Andrew receives a letter from someone who says there is a body buried somewhere on his property with his blood all over the body. If Andrew doesn't do exactly as the man says, the police will receive an anonymous phone call leading them to the body and all the eveidence necessary for putting Andrew behind bars for a very long time, if not sending him to the electric chair. So starts an exciting ride with Andrew running for his life and trying to save those he loves. Though this book was graphic (at times, perhaps, too graphic where it wasn't necessary), I still enjoyed it. The author left the ending hanging a bit and I just learned that there is a sequel so I just placed that on hold from my library. I am excited to see what is going to happen next.

I think the next book I am going to read is a book by another new-to-me author, Anne Stuart. I have heard/read a lot about her, especially some of her romance novels, which really aren't my cup of tea, but her newest sounds like something I would enjoy. It is another library book, but after that one I am going to read one off of my own shelves. I really need to start buckling down for the RYOB challenge. Dinner is cooking right now and after that I think it will be perfect to relax on my front porch with a great book. Happy Reading everyone!


Literary Feline said...

Sometimes I wish I kept better track of where I first hear about books I want to read. Desert Places sounds interesting. The plot sounds familiar for some reason.

I'll be curious to know what you think of the Anne Stuart book! I haven't tried any of her books either.

Kristie said...

I ended up not finishing it. I gave it over 120 pages and just didn't like the direction it was going. It seemed much to predictable as well as more romancey than suspense.

Literary Feline said...

That's too bad. Then I probably wouldn't like it either. I don't like it when the romance overshadows the suspense. Thanks for letting me know!

Kristie said...

Yeah, I don't enjoy that either. When I am reading a suspense, I want suspense, maybe with a bit of romance. Not all romance.