Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock Marathon

As I am settling in to watch an old movie on TCM, I was just made aware of an Alfred Hitchcock marathon next Saturday. Guess what I will be doing? I wanted to post this, because I know I saw on someone's blog that some where watching and then discussing Hitchcock's movies. Here's the lineup for next Saturday, June 27 (all times are EST):

6:00-7:15 am: Alfred Hitchcock Hour
7:15-9:00 am: Suspicion (one of my faves)
9:00-11:15 am: Rebecca (never saw this one all the way through, but is based on the book by Daphne du Mairer)
11:15-1:15 pm: Spellbound (another new to me)
1:15-3:30: Marnie (I've seen parts of this one and enjoyed it)
3:30-5:30: Psycho (love it, but have seen it so many times, this may be my eye break time)
5:30-8:00: North by Northwest (never saw it)
8:00-10:00: Nortorious (another new to me.... there are more than I thought!)
10:00-12:00: The Man Who Knew Too Much (again... seen bits and parts of it)
12:15-2:15: Rear Window (my absolute favorite, plus it has Grace Kelly which is always a bonus!)
2:15-4:30: Vertigo (made me a bit dizzy watching this one)
4:30-6:00: The 39 Steps (saw the play loosely based on this in NYC last fall, need to see the movie)

So there you have it. I am sometimes afraid to watch these movies, because once I have seen them, there will never be another new one. I love watching his old television shows as well. So tell me, what is your favorite Hitchcock movie?

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Literary Feline said...

How exciting! I may have to tune in. Thanks for letting me know, Kristie!