Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Wrong Man by John Katzenbach

Can I just say I loved this book? This story is what a thriller and psychological suspense is all about and what it should have. This was my first book that I read by Mr. Katzenbach, and I can guarantee that I will be reading many more by him. I rate this book an A.

From Amazon:

Ashley Freeman is a promising art-history student passionate about every aspect of her life. One night, the twentysomething Bostonian meets Michael O'Connell, a handsome, dark-haired stranger whom she readily forgets after a single steamy session between the sheets. But Mike, a street-smart psychopath who stalks women for sport, has no intention of letting Ashley go. He watches her every move from the shadows and sends her countless e-mails professing his love. Ashley's family and friends shrug it off as a crush, until O'Connell, an ingenious computer hacker, reveals the damage he can do: he sabotages the reputation of Ashley's professor father with a stinging accusation of plagiarism and nearly gets her mother, a lawyer, disbarred. Bribes and threats do nothing to deter him, and when a private investigator assigned to the case turns up dead, the Freeman family takes extreme measures to quash O'Connell's relentless pursuit.

This was a long book and it killed me that I didn't have more time to read it. Every spare minute I did have, however, I picked it up and was reading. I was almost late going back to school on my lunch break because the book was so good. The story is told through many different perspectives and I feel does a great job getting into the emotions of everyone. While I went into the story expecting the focus to be on Ashley, this is not the case. The ending made me a little mad, though I do understand it. The suspense was just so well written and my heart was pounding as I read it. It has been a long time since I have read a psychological suspense like this and I am sure that it will take quite awhile for me to forget this one. Mr. Katzenbach is definitely on my list of author's to be on the lookout for.

Up next is another memoir, this one titled Hypocrite in a Poufy White Dress. I got it from the library and I think it needs to go back soon, so I figured I would read this one next. I am sure it should be a quick read, and as December continues to pass quickly, I am really trying to get to that 100 books read mark. I am done with the teaching aspect of my student teaching and will just be doing observations on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow I have a conference to go to, and then my presentation is on Thursday of next week. Besides preparing for that and doing a final run through of my portfolio, my outside work is done so hopefully I will be able to get a lot of reading done. I still have to finish my Christmas shopping, Chris' 30th birthday is on the 20th and I need to get ready for that, and I need to get my cards out. I am hoping to do that tomorrow night or maybe even bringing it with me to the seminar tomorrow. Even if I can right out the envelopes, I will be happy. Well, enough talking out loud to myself, I am going to squeeze in a quick chapter before I go to sleep. I do get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, but we are supposed to get some snow tonight that they are predicting will make the roads messy. Fun fun! Happy reading!

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