Saturday, December 8, 2007

Library Used Book Sale

I hit up one of our local library used book sales and while not one of the bigger ones, I still got a good haul. I picked up 8 books for myself, 2 books for teaching, a magazine, and six children's chapter books for my future classroom. All of this I got for $3.25! I couldn't believe my luck. All paperbacks were a quarter a piece or six for $1.00 and the same for the children's books. The magazine and teaching books cost a dime each. While I may not have picked up some of these books normally, I couldn't pass up the oppourtinity to find some new authors. For me, I got the following:

Murder Can Cool Off Your Affair by Selma Eichler
Double Exposure by Stephen Collins (yes, the guy from Seventh Heaven!)
Kill Me Again by Leslie Rule
Death in a Funhouse Mirror by Kate Flora
Cradle and All by Zachary Alan Fox
Death Splits a Hair by Nancy Bell
The Violet Hour by Richard Montanari
Mystic River by Dennis Lehane

Not too bad. I love going to these sales! Though I did feel kind of guilty because I so do not need anymore books to read, I really couldn't pass it up and the money does go to a good cause. No more new books until after Christmas, at least!

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