Sunday, December 30, 2007

They Did It With Love by Kate Morgenroth

I read about They Did It With Love on another reader's blog and placed the book on hold at my local library. It came in pretty quickly and I started to read yesterday and finished it this morning. It was such a wonderful book and I really, really loved it. I would rate it an A.

From Amazon:
Sofie and her husband have left Manhattan in search of a more tranquil life in the suburbs. But when a member of Sofie’s new neighborhood book club turns up dead, things get messy. She discovers that everybody has something to hide, including her own husband. Her neighbor Priscilla has been married to Gordon for fifteen years, but the love left their marriage a long time ago. Susan is Priscilla’s biggest supporter until she has to choose between loyalty to her friend and telling the truth. Ashley is eager to fit in, but her youth and status as a second wife keep her on the outside. She may know more than they think she does, though. Julia seems to have it all—the perfect house, job and husband. But her untimely death has people questioning how perfect her life really was. Through this swamp of suburban secrets, Sofie must wade to find the truth behind Julia’s murder and the state of her own marriage.

The premise is one of my favorites and I love the setting. I really enjoy reading about the wealthy and think it is fascinating to read about their lives. The fact that the characters are such fans of mystery books and have a book club dedicated to them was also a great idea. This book had its own mystery going on and they were a ton of twists and turns throughout the story. I ended up having parts of the whodunit correct but I was surprised with some of the ending. The characters were really well written, and as it turned out I didn't really like many of the characters but I still enjoyed the story. That was surprising for me. I am also going to look for the two other books Ms. Morgenroth wrote and check those out. I really enjoy her writing and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery.

I think I have one more book to read to reach my goal and I don't think I will be able to finish it. I am still not feeling too well and I also have more work to get done for my mom so that doesn't leave me with a lot of wiggle room. I am going to start a new book I just got earlier in the week called By Blood Written and seems to be quite the suspense book. Hope everyone else is having a relaxing weekend and Happy Reading!

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