Monday, July 9, 2007

Social Crimes by Jane Stanton Hitchcock

Social Crimes was another book that I just grabbed off of the TBR shelves. Ms. Hitchcock was a new to me author, and at first I wasn't thrilled with the pick thinking it was not something I was in the mood for. Silly, silly me. I started it last night right before I went to bed and read about 50 pages and then finished it today. It was 439 pages I think so that goes to show how much I enjoyed the book. An A-.

Jo Slater is a grand dame of New York society; some say the grandest. But she is about to be dethroned. Her wealthy husband of 20 years dies under strange circumstances and leaves his entire fortune to a mysterious French countess. Sliding down the social ladder faster than you can say"Versace" Jo discovers she has been the victim of a plot and decides to get some very sweet revenge. Your days are numbered Countess!

While the back sounded a little chick lit to me, it wasn't. The story was so well written and really shows how so called friends can backstab you faster than you can turn around. I loved seeing Jo have to completely redo her life after her husband dies and goes from having it all to nothing at all. The story is dark, but so much fun! I think it gives an accurate portrayl of life in the high society of New York, though of course I do not really know what it is like. However, after reading it, I am comfortable with my quaint little life that I have.

The only downside to the book was there was a lot of French in the book, though it was explained pretty well. The novel also spans a long time period and the author doesn't give us a definite timetable. Both things were very easily to be overlooked and was such a great read! I guess this is a first in a series, with the next one is A Dangerous Lady which I will be picking it up from the library.

Up next, I am going to have my husband go into the shelves and pick a book. Whatever he picks I will read. Happy reading!


Holly said...

Wow. This sounds really good. I was skeptical after reading the blurb, but I'm adding it to my wish list.

And I tagged you.

Kristie said...

Thanks for the tag. I will have to have Chris come up with 8 things about me!

I just picked up the second one in the series from the library so I hope it continues.