Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sacred Trust by Meg O'Brien

UGHHHH!!! For some reason I can not post a title, so there it was!

I got Meg O'Brien's second book, Sacred Trust, at a used book sale or the thrift store, I am not sure. The blurb on the back sounded promising, so I was looking forward to it when I grabbed it off of the TBR mountain. It was an eh read, with my giving it a C.

High on a hill overlooking the pristine town of Carmel, California, the body of world-famous photojournalist Marti Bright is found one morning, crucified on a homemade wooden cross. For her best friend, Abby Northrup, it's just the beginning of a nightmare that she, too, may not escape alive.

Compelled by grief and shock, Abby begins to piece together what happened to the woman she loved like a sister. With her marriage to an influential politician in tatters and her perfect life only a carefully fabricated illusion, Abby focuses instead on Marti, probing their past, the time the two friends spent in a convent and the secrets they'd kept all these years.

But as Abby reachers further and further into the maze of Marti's last days, she realizes the woman she thought she knew so well was keeping secrets from her. And that her own life is linked to her friend's in ways she never imagined... in ways that could make her a vengeful killer's next victim.

This book was just ok. I can't really think too much to say about it. The mystery was told to the reader, not allowing me to discover clues and see things on my own. Abby was not a very sympathetic herione to me and while the back blurb keeps talking about her and Marti's close friendship, they hadn't talked for years it seems. At the end, the mystery was just told who the killer was andI wasn't able to pick up any clues. This was just a ho-hum read, while it didn't really hold my attention I felt like I had to read it and finish it. Kinda glad it is over, but I will not give up on this author as I believe I have more by her.

Not sure what is up next. Just gonna go and look at the shelves. Hope everyone is staying cool and happy reading!

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