Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Halo Effect by M.J.Rose

I have read several of Ms. Rose's previous books and have always enjoyed them. While browsing my local library (why oh why am I doing this when I have shelves and shelves of books to read at home?!?) I saw this and picked it up. It was an all right read, my least favorite of her's that I have read and give it a C+.

Cleo Thane, a high-priced prostitute, is one of those special patients Morgan connects with immediately. When Cleo asks Morgan to read her unpublished book about her exclusive clientle, Morgan realizes that what she has in her hands could be explosive. Then Cleo disappears.

Detective Noah Jordain is trying to stay one step ahead of a serial killer who has been targeting prostitutes, killing them with ritualistic precision. When a missing person's report is filed on Cleo Thane, Noah approaches Dr. Morgan Snow for insight, but Morgan refuses to breach patient confidentiality. Instead she begins her own investigation and is shocked by how much the intimate sexual details of another woman's life affect her own. Too late she realizes that navigating Cleo's mind, and saving her life, could prove deadly.

This book was just ho-hum. It was slow to start and continued on through out the book. It took me about 2 days to get through the first half and I only really continued it because I wanted to get to the conclusion. I can't really pinpoint the particular points that bugged me, but it just kinda did. I did not sympathize with Morgan at all and she got on my nerves. I also figured out the killer very early so that took away some of the suspense.

For some reason tonight I cannot put out a better review, so I am just going to end it here. I leave for Ft. Lauderdale for 5 days on Sunday, so tomorrow a good amount of time figuring out what books I will be taking. I also have to get the house in really good shape so there will not be a huge mess as well as laundry. I am hoping to get through one more library book before I leave, so of course I have to leave time for reading. Well that's it for me. I am tired and gonna get ready for bed. Happy reading!

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