Sunday, July 29, 2007

Envy by Sandra Brown

Envy was the only book I read on vacation! I can't believe it. There was just so much going on that focusing on reading became difficult. However, Envy was a great book to read even if it did take me almost 5 days to read it. It was a very enjoyable book and I give it an A-.

When New York publisher Maris Matherly Reed receives a tatalizing manuscript from someone identified only as P.M.E. it's blockbuster potential- and perhaps something else- compels her to meet its author. On an eerie, ruined cotton plantation on a remote Georgia island she finds Parker Evans, a man concealing his identity and his past. Maris is drawn into his tale of two young friends and a deadly betrayl... and to Parker himself. But there's something especially chilling about this novel, its possible connection to Maris's own life, and the real-life character who uses her or anyone, to get what he wants.

This book had little suspense as I was able to figure out what was going on pretty early in the story, however that did not take much away from the story. It was wonderfully written and I don't think I have run across a Sandra Brown book I didn't enjoy. You were able to get a real sense of who the characters are and all of their motivation. The ending was well thought out and came to a nice conclusion. The hero surpassed all of my expectations for him and I have to say I really enjoyed him. He may have been one of my favorite heros that I have read lately. It was a nice romance and I can not say enough about it. I am open to all and any suggestions for other Ms. Brown books.

Up next is a library book titled Promise Not to Tell. Again, I got this from a recommendation on someones blog though I am not sure who. Hopefully my reading will pick up again now that I will be getting in to my old routine. Have a great start of the week and Happy Reading!


Terri said...

Envy was my first Sandra Brown book, and I fell in love with her thrillers! I really enjoyed reading your review. It brought back good memories. :)

Kristie said...

It was a good book. Which of her thrillers would you recommend?