Friday, July 13, 2007

Death by Pantyhose by Laura Levine

I had been reading a book since Monday, the one my husband, Chris, grabbed off of the TBR shelves for me to read. I gave it a fair chance, quitting at page 200 which was pretty close to the halfway part of the book. I just could not get into it, though I am not sure if it was me or the author's style. Since I had books waiting for me at the library, so I gave it up and picked up Laura Levine's newest book. Her books are always great and this one did not disappoint. I give it a B+.

Jaine Austen has never been able to resist the the siren call of an Eskimo Pie, just like she can't resist renewing her crush with Andrew, an old crush. With her bank account hitting new lows, she's also just agreed to write jokes for Dorcas, a stand-up comic who throws her pantyhouse into the audience as a punch line.

Not only is Dorcas's act a bomb, she is heckled by Vic, a gorgeous fellow comic who is equally good on stage and in the sack. Unfortunately Vic loves perfoming in both venues. He gets in bed with a sexy waitress, a pretty new love, and a sweet girlfriend while profressing his undying love for each. Worse he is two-timing his aging agent. Pretty soon Vic has an enemy's list a mile long, and when he needles Dorcas one time too many, she assults him at a club's open mike night.

Naturally when Vic is murdered with Dorcas's pantyhose and that same Darcus is standing over his dead body, the police arrest... Dorcas. They figure it is an open and shut case although Janie figures that no killer can be that dumb... even Dorcas. But when Janie sets out to find the real culprit, she is distracted by one dating disaster after another with Andrew- and she may not see the dark side of comedy until she faces the business end of a gun and a cold, deadly grin...

Ms. Levine's books are always great for chuckles and a good time. I read this book in a matter of two hours and it was so much fun! I love the emails from her parents who are always up to no good and provide comical relief. Another great part of her stories are the way Jaine always adds things to her conversations that were never really part of it. I can't say enough about her books they just fun with a light mystery. My only beef with the book is that it is so short. I wish they were a little bit longer. They are also first published in hardcover, so I have to get it from the library. I can't wait until next year!

Up next is the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. My brother has been raving about the show on Showtime and I have heard good things about the series and the books, so before I watch the first three shows my brother lent me, I am going to read this one. I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy reading!

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