Monday, February 26, 2007

The River Killings

I requested The River Killings from the library after reading Merry Jones' previous book, The Nanny Murders. It was a good read, and I enjoyed it. Three out of five.

On summer vacation from her job as an art therapist, Zoe takes a sculling class for fun with her best friend, Susan Cummings. One evening, while her daughter, Molly, waits with Susan's children at the boathouse on the banks of the Schuylkill River, Zoe rows off with Susan to practice for an upcoming regatta. When Susan's oars catches on some flotsam (which turns out to be a woman's dress). the boat flips and the two find themselves in deep waters with not just one but an entire throng of floating bodies.

Someone along Boathouse Row is a murderer, but who? After Zoe argues with Detective Nick Stiles, her boyfriend, she and Molly head out to the river at night. There, Zoe uncovers a sinister plot that she and Molly might not be able to escape.

This was a good book, quite suspensful. I enjoy Zoe and her daughter Molly, though I do wish there was more development between Zoe and Nick. It does seem that their relationship is not that strong but they are moving along. The mystery was a good one, and there were more than one, though the ending was somewhat rushed and for one of them, I didn't even realize it had been solved. That is the main reason why I gave it three stars. I really enjoyed the story and do not regret reading it though. I am even going to look and see if more are going to be continued in the series.

On the IPOD front, I found out it isn't compatiable with the audiobooks that the library uses. I tried to cancel my order, but it was too late. I found another MP3 player that I really like and got a great deal on, with rebate $35. I was going to return the IPOD, but my niece really wants one, so I am jsut going to give it to her for her upcoming birthday. A solution we are all happy with! I downloaded Vanished by Karen Robards and listened to it tonight while on the treadmill. It is so nice!

Well that is it from me! Hopefully the weather won't be too bad tonight. We are under a winter storm advisory, so I am crossing my fingers. We had a ton of ice tonight, and my car rolled out of my sister-in-laws driveway earlier today! Hopefully the roads are all right in the morning. Also, is everyone else so excited that Rob and Amber finished first in the Amazing Race now for two weeks in a row! Yeah! Go Rob and Amber!

Happy reading and stay warm!

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