Saturday, February 3, 2007

Slightly Psychic by Sandra Steffen

I picked up Slightly Psychic after reading a review at another blog, Nicole's Blog Happy, if I am remembering correctly. It sounded like a nice, funny, light read and I have been wanting to read something from Harlequin's Next line. I am glad I did, 3 out of 5 stars.

Lila Delaney never claimed to be entirely psychic... just slightly psychic. But any ability she might have had disappeared the minute Lila's visions led her and the police to a missing heiress- healthy, happy, and tied to the bed of Lila's fiance. Broadcast live on national television, the incident was enough to make Lila hightail it out of town.

Lila's journey brought her and her best friend Pepper to a small Virginia town. All too soon the woman who just wanted to be left alone was indulging in mint juleps and moonlight celebrations, becoming attracted to a too-secertive man and getting involved in an unsolved murder. If only her psychic abilities would return, Lila might just figure out what she was getting herself into next...

This was a quick, easy read with me reading the majority of it at work today into between answering phones and dealing with clients. I did think that Lila's psychic powers would play more into the story and that there would be more mention of the murder, but overall it was a fun story.

I really enjoyed Lila's best friend, Pepper. She was a lot of fun, and I loved her story as a rich socialite cut off by her family. She definitely added some spice to the story. I also absolutely adore stories set in the South, and this one touches on the lovely aspects of small towns and the South. There was a slight amount of humor in it, but the story was much more of a heartwarming story. The way the story opened up, I really expected a lot more humor, but it was a fun story all around.

The one big downside of the story was the way things were tied up at the end. The end seemed really rushed and things just worked out... well I don't want to say to ruin it, but it was kind of rushed in my opinion. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it and could picture myself in this small Virginia town in a hot summer. That was really fun to picture, especially since right now it feels like -20 degrees with the wind chill.

Tomorrow, I am not planning on spending a lot of time watching the Superbowl, and it really is too cold to leave the house, so studying, cleaning, and hopefully some quality reading will get squeezed in!

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