Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nature Girl

I finished listening to Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen on my way into work today. As always, the book was fantastic and wonderful to listen to! Four out of five stars!

The engaging and diverse screwball cast includes Boyd Shreave, a semicompetent telemarketer; Shreave's mistress and co-worker, Eugenie Fonda; Honey Santana, a mercurial gadfly who ends up on the other end of one of Shreave's pitches for Florida real estate; and Sammy Tigertail, half Seminole, who at novel's start must figure out what to do with the body of a tourist who dies of a heart attack on Sammy's airboat after being struck by a harmless water snake. When Santana cooks up an elaborate scheme to punish Shreave for nasty comments he made during his solicitation call, she ends up involving her 12-year-old son, Fry, and her ex-husband in a frantic chase that enmeshes Tigertail and the young co-ed Sammy accidentally has taken hostage.

Hiaasen's books are always wonderful, and I really enjoy the readers. I want to move to Florida, so I always look forward to reading books that are set there. There are exciting characters in Hiaasen's books, and he always seems to find things that annoy all of us and really makes them fun! I need to check out more of his older novels and see if the library has any on CD. They really make the drive a lot more fun.

I also bought an IPOD last night. I found out through my library I can check out free ebooks and free audiobooks through the internet and download them to my computer or IPOD. DH and I just bought a treadmill last week, so the IPOD is a perfect way to listen to audiobooks to keep me excerising!

Well back to work! Happy reading!

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