Friday, March 2, 2007

Moving is Murder

I requested Moving is Murder after reading a review somewhere. My memory isn't working too well, however, and I can not remember where I read the review. It was a nice cozy, and was all right. 2 and 1/2 stars out of 5.

Moving four times iin five years has honed Ellie's considerable skills. But unpacking with a newborn daughter, record-breaking heat wave, and the realization that their dream neighborhood is known as Base Housing East is enough to make her turn to chocolate for comfort. She and her husband, Mitch, moved off-base for privacy and peace of mind. Now half of their neighbors are with the 52nd Air Refueling Squadron. Forget privacy.

Forget peace of mind, too. Driving home from her first squadron barbecue, Ellie finds neighborhood environmental activist Cass Vincent dead on the side of the road. The police call it an accident-Cass, fatally allergic, was stung by wasps- but Ellie's not so sure. Cass's husband said she always had an EpiPen in the car. Unfortunately, all Ellie found was a cup with sugary gunk and bits of bees at the bottom. She saw Cass argue violently at the barbecue with Mitch's buddy Jeff about something mysterious... and it just so happens Jeff knows a lot about bee-keeping.

Hoping to clear Jeff before the police get around to suspecting him, Ellie starts snooping in earnest. What she finds shocks her- alchoholism, blackmail, betrayl, secret debt... even illicit medical treatment the Air Force would never tolerate. But what's the connection to Cass? When suspicious "accidents" start happening in her own backyard, Ellie realizes she's getting closer to the killer... maybe too close!

This book was all right. The mystery was a little too mixed up, and there were way too many characters to keep track of. Ellie and her husband move due to his job in the Air Force, and there were a lot of abbreviations that were related to the Air Force that made it difficult to understand. There was a glossary in the back, however, it was a pain to keep flipping in the back to look things up. Another thing that didn't work for me was the amount of time jumping that occurred. You couldn't tell that the days had changed and it could go from one day to then two weeks later.

What I did like was Ellie and her friends as well as the Air Force life. I enjoyed getting a look on the inside of Air Force life, especially on the wives and families point of view. I loved the short chapters and there were tips at the end of each chapter for moving and being organized. Since I am an organizational freak, I really loved those! I may check out future ones in the series, but not right this minute since I have some books on the TBR that are calling my name. I also have one more book checked out from the library that I am going to try and get through this weekend, though I do have a test on Tuesday that I need to study for! Have a great weekend!

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