Sunday, November 2, 2008

Final Victim by Stephen Cannell

Final Victim was the other book I got from the library by Stephen Cannell. After reading the newer book, my expectations were let down. I can only rate this book a B-.

From Amazon:
A genius, hairless, seven-foot-tall psychopath, Leonard Land is many people wired into the cyber-subculture of Satanism and Death Metal. He is smart and cunning. He is quick, brutal and deadly. And he is everywhere. A renegade U.S. customs agent, a brilliant and beautiful forensic phychologist and a streetwise convict master hacker are on the trail of the maniac who is methodically slaughtering innocent women -- a hunt that is leading a trio of unlikely heroes across an imperiled nation...and deep into the darkest corridors of cyberspace. But there is no system the maniac cannot infiltrate, no secrets he cannot access. He knows he is being hunted...and by whom. And he's determined to strike first -- in ways too terrible to anticipate.

This book was dated and it showed. There was a lot of technological explanations and some of them were not necessary since computers are used much more than when this book was written. Also I felt that the explanations kind of slowed down the story and there would be a time when the suspense was really building, and all of the sudden there was this explanation about computers. I also missed the dry humor that was in the other book I read by Mr. Cannell.

Well, I thought I was getting better but have had a turn for the worse. I can't even breathe through my nose, it hurts to swallow, and my chest is in pain. I have a half day assignment tomorrow afternoon, but if I am feeling like this, I probably will cancel it. I have Tuesday off so hopefully I will be able to recover a bit. I am sure this isn't a cold, but probably a upper respiratory infection. I have a hard time sleeping which totally sucks. I can't focus on reading which makes it that much more worse. I mean when all I can do is lie around, I would love to just read read read! Oh well... enough whining! Happy Reading!

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