Monday, October 13, 2008

Married Lovers by Jackie Collins

Well as you all know by now, I love Jackie Collins. Whenever I pick one up, I know I am in for an easy and fun filled read. When I went to the used book sale at the library this weekend, I saw this one on the shelves (I checked out more books... it has to be some kind of disease) and read it this weekend. It was a good read, but not one of my favorites and I give it a B.

From Amazon:
Three high-powered Hollywood couples, two hot affairs, one underage Russian ex-hooker, a passionate murder—and the players’ lives are changed forever.
Cameron Paradise, a stunningly beautiful twenty-four-year-old personal trainer, flees Hawaii and her champion-surfer husband, Gregg, in the middle of one of his abusive tirades and makes her way to L.A. Tall, blond, with a body to die for, it doesn’t take Cameron long to find a job at an exclusive private fitness club where she encounters LA's most important players. She has plans to open her own studio one day, and while every man she meets comes on to her, she is more focused on saving money and working hard than getting caught up in the L.A. scene of wild parties and recreational drugs.
Until she meets Ryan Lambert, an extremely successful independent movie producer. Ryan is married to overly privileged Mandy Lambert, the daughter of Hamilton J. Heckerling, a Hollywood power-player son-of-a-bitch mogul. Ryan has never cheated on his demanding Hollywood Princess wife, but when he meets Cameron, all bets are off, especially since she’s seeing his best friend Don Verona, the devastatingly attractive talk-show host and legendary player.
In her latest sizzling blockbuster, internationally bestselling author Jackie Collins explores what happens when lust and desire collide with marriage and power—and the results lead to murder.

I enjoyed all of the characters, and as usual there was plenty of juicy sex, secrets, and superficial characters. These are all of the perfect things necessary for a nice, midnless read and it took some things off of my mind. The book is engaging and I always keep turning the pages. My mind is kind of fritzed right now, so I am just going to end the review now. In good news, I went to the used book sale again yesterday where it was free day. I got 61 books! I felt guilty, but there was a ton left over and the ladies working it kept telling me to get more. I honestly could have gotten more, but decided to share the wealth. I had Chris go and buy another bookshelve since my other ones were overflowing and it still wasn't enough. This weekend alone I got 94 books! I really need to be a stop to this.

All right, I still need to take my shower and do some planning for school tomorrow... and I can barely keep my eyes open! Happy Reading everyone!


Heidi said...

94 books in one weekend. LOL Happy reading. At this rate you will need a few more book cases

Kristie said...

I know so! I have to stop, but when you figure I only paid $5.00, it was too good of a deal to pass up!