Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flesh Tones by M.J. Rose

I have always enjoyed Ms. Rose's books and this was onoe from her backlist that I hadn't read. I picked it up from my library and almost gave up on it. I stuck with it, and read pretty much the whole thing last night, but was still somewhat disappointed. I give it a B-.

From Amazon:
In a New York courtroom, a woman stands accused of a controversial crime. Genny Haviland, thirty-eight, is said to have drugged and suffocated legendary painter George Gabriel. For two decades the tempestuous Gabriel has challenged audiences with his wild work. And in the end, the prosecution claims, he alienated the woman he first seduced, then enslaved—enough to cause his own death at her hands.Yet in Genny’s mind there rests another story, one that started twenty years before . . . one in which a college girl on summer break met an older, attractive artist—and began a forbidden affair she would never forget, a shadowy, sensual union in which she was more helpless and more powerful than she would ever imagine. Then the discovery of a shocking secret blew it all apart: Genny’s father was Jonathan Haviland, the renowned gallery owner who could make or break Gabriel’s career.Now Genny contends she was only easing her old lover to a painless death, allowing him to escape the awful illness that was slowly eroding his sanity and self. But is that the whole truth? Or was Gabriel indeed killed—but for far more sordid reasons, from a motive driven by scandal and the threat of financial ruin? How much would Genny do for the man she professed to love, or for the father who has always loomed darkly in the background of her life?

I really couldn't stand Genny and thought she had the weakest personality. She kept saying how deep her love was for Slade, but to tell you the truth, I thought it was really more obsession and ruled by sex. Some of the things she did were unspeakable and was just sick and tired of hearing how wonderful Slade Gabriel was. He was so selfish and full of himself and I could feel no sympathy for him or Genny. This book angered me more than anything, but I will say Ms. Rose does write a good story and just because I hated the characters, it was compelling. Am I glad I read this book? I am not sure. I don't know if I could recommend this book to someone else.

Up next is 18 Seconds by George Hamilton. I read about his second book from Barbara and Heidi's Books, and she is being so sweet and kinid to send the second book to me in this series. I went to the library and got 18 Seconds, so I am going to get started on it right away. Barbara had a lot to say about this book, so I hope I enjoy it as much as she has. My reading has been kind of off this week because my husband's uncle passed away. I am not very close with any of my in-laws because of some things that have happened, and actually try to stay seperate as much as I can. However, I am my husband's wife, first and foremost, so I have been by his side through all of it because I love him. I think he has been doing o.k., but he hides his emotions pretty well. Hopefully things will be calming down shortly. Happy Reading!

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