Sunday, October 26, 2008

At First Sight by Stephen Cannell

While looking through my library's available e-books and audiobooks available for checkout, I found At First Sight. It sounded interesting and I was reading a book that I couldn't get into I decided to try it. I really enjoyed it and give it an A-.

From Amazon:
Meet Chick Best—a middle-aged, selfabsorbed, disaffected, California millionaire. Other than his house and high-priced foreign cars, Chick’s most expensive possession is his trophy wife, Evelyn. Evelyn is good at spending Chick’ money, money that has pretty much run out. Another problem is his drug-addled sixteen-year-old daughter, Melissa. Though concerned about his life and family, Chick has resigned himself to a miserable state of acceptance. That is, until he, Evelyn, and Melissa take a Christmas vacation in Maui. With this, Chick’s life changes…
Chick experiences unrequited love at first sight when he observes Paige Ellis emerging from the hotel swimming pool. His obsession, exceeded only by his need to possess her, isn’t diminished when he learns that she is happily married. Instead, he befriends Paige and her near-perfect husband, Chandler. A short time later, back from Hawaii, Chick’s obsession compels him to drive to Paige’s house, where he runs down and kills Chandler in a drugstore parking lot. But this is just the beginning of Chick’s nightmare as his life spirals homicidally out of control, resulting in the destruction of everything he holds dear. Will Paige learn the truth about Chick before it’s too late?
Fast paced, filled with wry humor, murder, lust, and dead-on L.A. characterizations, Cannell has written his most explosively saleable novel yet.

I really enjoyed this. It had humor and I loved the way it was written. Told from both Paige and Chick's point of view, I loved getting into both of their heads. The humor was very dry but this book jsut grabbed me. I only read about 70 pages last night and finished the book in about a hour and a half today. It would be a stretch to call the book a mystery or thriller but it was still fun. This was the first book I read by Mr. Cannell, though it won't be my last. I checked out another book by him and will probably read that after another book I have. It definitely broke me out of my mini reading slump. I was reading a book by Phillip Margolin, but it didn't grab me. It was told from different time periods and there were so many characters that I was having a hard time keeping everything straight. It took me three days to read 100 pages, and when I had time which I normally keep for reading available, I found other things to do. I finally gave up on it, because I figured time is too short to read books that I am not engrossed in.

After doing some cleaning, laundry and lesson planning, I plan on starting The Anniversary by Amy Guttman. I am excited to read which always happens after reading a good book! I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Reading!


J. Kaye Oldner said...

I've heard so much about this book, but haven't put it on my list to read. I'll see if there is an audio of this book. I have too many review books for November and December.

Kristie said...

It was really good and such a quick read. I read fast, but even I didn't, I would have finished this quickly. I think it is out on audio because I first learned of this book from my libraries download audio and ebook system.