Monday, June 23, 2008

Never Look Back by Robert Ross

Never Look Back was a different type of book from those that I normally read. I usually steer clear of paranormal books but not for any specific reason. Anyhow, this one slipped through and I didn't realize it was a paranormal until I started reading, but it ended up not really mattering. I enjoyed it, giving it a B.

From Amazon:
Karen Donovan no sooner marries bestselling novelist Philip kaye when he leaves on a book tour, abandoning her at his Provincetown mansion with his sullen teenage daughter. Black-clad Jessie Kaye isn''t exactly good company: when she''s not skulking around, she''s locked in her room writing in her journal, and her strangeness is a topic of local gossip. As autumn sets in, Karen befriends flamboyant local celebrity Bobbie Noble. But their plans to renovate Philip''s house are sidetracked when karen stumbles upon the diary of accused axe-murderess Lettie Hatch. It describes Lettie''s boorish father and young, ambitious stepmother--" both of whom would fall victim to a crazed killer. And the more Karen reads. the more she''s convinced that Jessie, with her increasingly bizarre behavior, is channeling something sinister. When Philip returns, he''s in no mood to entertain the theories that have grown into a nerve-jangling obsession for karen. Now, as a bitter winter binds the Cape in snow and ice, Karen feels a presence taking over. It knows what happened here nearly a hundred years before. And it won''t stop until history is rewritten--" in blood.

As I mentioned above, I am not sure why I don't like to read paranormals. In real life, I do believe in some of the paranormal but just can't suspend my logical side when it comes to reading for some reason. Anyways, this book kept me reading and I really enjoyed it. I couldn't stand one of the main characters. Karen, but in the end the author somewhat explains all of that. Last night, when I had about 200 pages left, I decided to pick it up and read for about a half hour and ended up finishing the book. I may just have to continue reading paranormals. One thing I did have to nitpick about is the couple of mistakes I found in the book. One of them was the description of Karen's hair. One time it was brown, another time it was red, and another time it was black. That really bothered me. I mean why couldn't the author keep track of her main character's hair color? Another mistake was the name of a city where the characters were. They were supposed to be in the Boston area, but the author names New Orleans. To me those were pretty big boo-boos, and seems kind of weak on the author and editors part.

Up next is a book by one of my favorite authors of cozy mystery series, Elaine Viets. It is the latest in the Dead End Job series and is called Clubbed to Death. I look forward to the release each year. I absolutely love Florida and Fort Laurderdale is one of my favorite spots in Florida. I can relate to a lot of the places she describes and her sense of humor is wonderful. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, with taking 30 plus kids to a field trip to the zoo tomorrow. I am exhausted right now, but do want to get some reading in tonight. I am crossing my fingers. Happy Reading!


twiga92 said...

Hey, I was responding to your comment on my blog - I got the "Don't Penalize Tradition" T-shirt at Hockeytown Authentics in Troy - it's on Big Beaver. Later!

Kristie said...

Thanks! I am going to have to check it out!