Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lie to Me by David Martin

I hit up my local library to get another book by David Martin after enjoying his previous book so much. This one was not a disappointment, and I think I liked it even better than the one before. I give it an A-.

From Amazon:
A madman serial killer enters the house of a wealthy entrepeneur and his beautiful young wife and takes them hostage. The following morning the rich man is dead, the killer is on the run and - although we as readers know otherwise - the wife states that her husband's dead was a suicide!
What really happened that night? A worn out police detective is brought in and he spends the rest of the book - as does the reader - trying to solve the mystery.

This was a wonderfully written suspense. The pages kept turning and I even admit to getting a few chills and shivers while reading this. I think I may definitely have to get more by this author and I believe that a few of the librarys in my county have some more. David Martin knows how to write a wonderful suspense even though the reader knows who the bad guy is. I couldn't recommend this higher to someone that loves a good mystery, though I would have to assume it may be hard to get their hands on because it was written and published in 1991.

Well, I got my job. It doesn't start until July 21, so I am keeping my yucky job until then. This way, I will have two more things to put on my resume, so maybe my job search will be a bit brighter. Things that aren't bright, however, is my house. We lost power again today when it is a gorgeous, sunny, breezeless day. Our area was really hit hard on Sunday and over 200,000 people are still without power, so I doubt ours will be back anytime soon. When I called the power company, they said not until Friday. This happens every year and is really annoying. So right now I am at my mom's typing this and charging my cell phone so I can use it as an alarm clock. It is really frustrating especially since I had just gotten home from the grocery store about 20 minutes before it went out. Oh well, I guess I can get in a lot of reading! I hope everyone else is having a fantastic week and Happy Reading!

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Jana said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Like you, I enjoy reading...period! I'll check back soon. Thanks again!