Friday, June 29, 2007

Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich

I love this series so I always have to read the newest book. I think I have read all of the Evanovich's books and have enjoyed most of them, but the Plum series is definitely my favorite. While I enjoyed this book, I couldn't grade it as high as I expected too. I give it a B.

Stephanie was married to Dickie Orr for about fifteen minutes before she caught him cheating on her wil her archnemesis, Joyce Barnhardt. Another fifteen minutes after that, Stephanie filed for divorce, hoping never to see either one of them again.

Ranger needs Stephanie to meet with Dickie and find out if he's doing something shady. turns out, he is. Turns out, Dickie's also back to doing Joybce. And it turns out Ranger's favors always come with a price...

Now Dickie has disappeared and Stephanie is the natural suspect in his disappearance. Is Dickie dead? Can he be found? And can Stephanie stay one step ahead in this new dangerous game? Joe Morelli, the hottest cop in Trenton, New Jersey, is also keeping Stephanie on her toes- and he may know more than he is saying about many things in her life. It's a cat and mouse game for Stephanie Plum wherein the ultimate prize might be her life.

This was another fun addition to the Plum series. Stephanie gets in to a big mess that I don't think she can herself out of. The everlasting love triangle between Stephanie, Joe and Ranger are still present. I had quite a few smiles on my face will I was reading it. It was a good read and I am glad I read it. That was the good.

The bad. First of all I am so glad I didn't use my gift card to purchase this book. I read it in less than one day, and at $26.95 would definitely have felt cheated. I didn't have any laughing out loud moments like in other books in the series. I am almost getting sick of the love triangle thing--- pick Joe already!!!!! Lula didn't have that big of a part of the story, though when she was in it, she was hilarous and funny as always. Grandma Mazur was hardly in the story and there weren't any laughs with her. Albert Kloughn, Stephanie's BIL, and sister were not in the story at all and I always laugh when they are in the book. It isn't one that I would read again, though I will not stop reading the series. Glad I read it, glad I didn't buy it.

Not sure what is up next. Probably the next Lisa Gardner book, Gone. Have a lot of fun this weekend and Happy Reading!


Literary Feline said...

I prefer Joe too, of the two, although I have nothing against Ranger. He's pretty hot in his own right. I've come to the decision though that Stephanie is not good enough for Joe. LOL

I admit that I was glad sister and her family weren't around much--they are my least favorite of all the characters.

I agree though, this one wasn't the best, but I did enjoy it for what it was. I'll be awaiting number 14.

Terri said...

I LOVE this series! But, yeah. The read so fast for paying hardcover price. Man! I can't put off buying it much longer!

Kristie said...


I love her sister, but Grandma Mazur and Lula are my favorites. I think I like them better than Stephanie. And the scene in the hospital with Tank? That was great! Ranger just isn't ready to settle down and I think that is what Stephanie needs. But I do see where you are coming from on her not being good enough for Joe.

I really wouldn't recommend buying it yet. I know it is hard, but it is just so pricy for such a short read. If you do get it, I would recommend going to Sams Club or Costco where it is marked down a good deal. Then if you don't keep your books, you can probably sell it on Ebay or Amazon and get some of your money back. I am waiting to see your responses on it.

Kristie said...


How can I post comments on your blog? Maybe I am being stupid, but I can't seem to figure it out!

Literary Feline said...

I think that's why I like Joe best; he's much more stable. :-)

No, you're not being stupid. The comment link is crowded with other stuff too so it may be hard to see. If you go to the bottom of post, there's an option to click on comment (when you hover your mouse over it, a paw should appear next to "comment". If you click on that link, it will take you to page with the comments; at the bottom of that post (and the comments if there are any) there is an option to post a comment. Just click on that. That makes for a lot of steps doesn't it? It's no wonder it's confusing. Let me know if you have any other trouble.

Terri said...

Kristie, thanks for your comments today! It's nice to know someone reads my book blog. LOL You really made my day!

Here I am at PBS:

The Darkly Dreaming Dexter book is kind of a thriller/crime. It's really macabre. Totally different from anything I've ever read.

Any of James Patterson's books are good. I love his Alex Cross series and my daughter loves his Maximum Ride series a lot.

With the Givenchy Code books, read that one first! I love Julie Kenner. She's a riot!