Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Helpless by Barbara Gowdy

Well if the speed I read this book is an indicator of things to come, I would have to say I got my reading mojo back! I have missed it so! This was my first Barbara Gowdy novel and I was not disappointed. A solid A-.

Nine year old Rachel Fox has the face of an angel, a heart-stopping lumionisty that strikes all who meet her. Her single mother, Celia, who works at a video store by day and a piano bar by night, is not always around to shield her daughter from the attention- both bengin and sinister- her beauty draws. From modeling agencies, for example, or from Ron, a small-appliance repairman who, having seen Rachel once, is driven to see her again and again.

When a summer blackout plunges the city into darkness and confusion, Rachel is taken from her homoe. A full-scale search begins, but days pass with no clues, only a phone call Celia receives from a woman whose voice she has heard before but cannot place. As Celia fights her terror and Rachel starts to trust in her abductor's kindness, the only other person who knows where she is wavers between loyalty to the captor and saving the child. Will Rachel be found before her absuctor's urge to protect and cherish and turns to something altogether less innocent?

While this novel sounds like it has a suspense aspect to the story, it is really a drama and a touching story of community coming together and the special bond mother and daughter share. This book was very touching and had me welling up with tears a little bit. There is a bit of feeling of empathy for all of characters, and you really care about the characters. The only reason why I didn't give it an A is because the ending is left a little too open for me. I guess I really like closure and having it spelled out for me. I will definitely be on the lookout for more of her books as I believe she has an extensive backlist.

Up next I picked up Elaine Viets latest book in her Dead End Jobs series. I so enjoy her books and they always make me laugh. I really wanted to buy it in hardcover, especially since she had a stroke a few weeks before her book was released, but unfortuntely with me not working right now, I am trying to really hold on to my budget.

Happy reading everyone!


MyUtopia said...

I grew up in the city of Detroit(Outerdrive exit of I-94). I lives in St. Clair Shores for a little while. We lived off of Old 8 mile.

Kristie said...

Oh OK. I am familar with the area.