Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Case of Imagination by Jane Tesh

As I mentioned in my previous entry I picked up A Case of Imagination from the library after reading a review somewhere. It was an all right book but nothing new or astounding. I would give this a C.

On this nice July morning in Parkland, North Carolina, the office of Madeline Maclin Investigations might as well have been an Egyptian tomb: hot, dusty, and dead. It doesn't help that her landlord Reid Kent, does a brisk business... and briskly hits on Mac to rejoin his agency. He maintains no one will hire a former Miss Parkland as a serious PI.

Mac has been friends forever with Jerry Fairweather. Jerry claims to be psychic, and is unlike his two brothers, somewhat screwy. And he refuses to claim a share in the Fairweather fortune. But he shares some good news with Mac- his Uncle Val has died and left him a house. The two friends drive out to Celosia, a half hour away, where they discover a local beauty pageant in trouble and a house just perfect for setting up shop. A Psychic Shop. The arrival of lawyer Olivia, Jerry's shark like girlfriend, rouses both Mac's interest in the mystery at the pageant and the one in her own heart.

And then comes the first murder...

This was your average cozy mystery when I was expecting a bit more from. Since it was set in a small town, which I love, there were just so many people introduced and I had a hard time following all of them. Several times I had to look back to try and keep track of who was who. The story was a bit funny, but Mac kinda got on my nerves. There was a slight love triangle, but I feel like Mac is a little bit of a wimp. It was a quick read where it only came in at 229 pages. And it is a HARDCOVER selling for $24.95! I am so glad I got this from the library. When it was all said and done, the ending was a little predictible and I am not sure I will be reading the next one even if the library added it in their circulation. I have so many books to read, and so little time, so I am really going to try and focus on books in a series that have only received a B or better.

Up next is a book from one of my favorite authors, Lisa Gardner. I am finally getting around to Alone after having it in the TBR for about a year. Hope everyone is enjoying their current books and Happy Reading!

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