Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alone by Lisa Gardner

I have been a fan of Lisa Gardner's book since I read The Perfect Husband. I have a lot of her books on the TBR piles, and finally decided to pick this one of the shelf. I have the next one in the loosely connected series, Gone, that I borrowed from someone so I wanted to try and get to it soon. This book didn't disappoint as it was a suspensful, well written B+.

Who can you turn to when you're at your most vulnerable?

State Trooper Bobby Dodge watches a tense hostage standoff through the scope of his sniper rifle. Dodge has only one second to react, or a woman and her child may die.

Where can you hide when this killer comes?

The woman at the end of Bobby Dodge's rifle isn't only in trouble- she is trouble. Cool, beautiful, and dagerously sexy, Catherine Rose Gagnon's life will change in an instant of violence.

It's the most terrifying place to be...

When Bobby pulls the trigger, someone will die. And then no one will be above suspicion, no one beyond harm. And no one will see death coming until it has them cornered, helpless, and alone.

The suspense was really good in this book. Whenever I thought I had figured it all out, another clue or development would come along and I would be shocked and surprised. There were so many ups and downs in this story, and it was never slow or boring. The end was left with a little cliffhanger, but not one that leaves me unsatisfied. I am not sure how the next book in the series is connected, but I will be reading that one soon. This was a quick read for me, and coming in at 448 pages, took me less than a day to read. Of course, we lost power all day yesterday and at night, so there really wasn't much else for me to do. I would recommend this to all suspense fans as long as you don't mind more than a few murders.

Up next is Janet Evanovich's latest, Lean, Mean Thirteen. I got it from the library but was surprised it came in so early. I have discovered a little trick when placing things on hold at the library. Popular books like this often come out in Large Print editions as well. No one hardly ever thinks of placing that version on hold (as they are listed seperately) so it comes in quicker. I will read it now though and fast as so many other people want to read it too. I don't like being selfish! Happy reading!


Literary Feline said...

Going for the large print copies of new books sounds like a good idea--at least you won't have to wait so long. Hopefully the secret won't get out. LOL

I have a couple of Lisa Gardner books to try, but haven't yet done so. I've heard she's good. I love books that keep me guessing, although it's hard to do. I still enjoy the ones I figure out, but it's nice to be surprised now and then. :-)

Great review, Kristie!

Kristie said...

Thanks a lot. I highly recommend her books... they are always great. Pick one up!