Friday, March 6, 2009

Safer by Sean Doolittle

I heard about Safer through Romantic Times magazine and have since seen it reviewed on several blogs. This sounded like something right up my alley... nice, safe, suburban life turned completely upside down and having you look twice at all of your neighbors. I was right and loved this book, and I give it an A-.

From Amazon:
For Paul Callaway and his wife, Sara, moving from the East Coast to a quiet midwestern town was a major adjustment. But right from the start, Paul has tried to fit in. He’s played golf with the guys. He’s even joined the Neighborhood Patrol, grabbing a flashlight and a walkie-talkie to make these neatly tended streets even safer. Then Paul makes one mistake—and now they want him gone. But nothing could have prepared Paul and Sara for the quarrel that has erupted between Paul and a neighbor—the self-appointed leader of the Neighborhood Patrol. Or for the next outrage, as police arrest Paul for a sordid crime he didn’t commit. Suddenly Paul’s life, university career, and marriage are at risk, as he finds himself locked in a desperate fight with an angry man, a dark conspiracy, and a secret that began with a child’s disappearance ten years before.

This was such a good book. There were tons of twists and turns and had my mind constantly thinking and trying to decide what exactly is going on. Safer also sends shivers up your spine as those who you are supposed to be able to trust and depend on, your neighbors, turn out to be the ones you need to protect yourself from. Mr. Doolittle provides little clues for you to be able to try and figure out some of what is exactly going on and I definitely plan on looking for more books by this great author.

This book also added extra chills to me. About 2 years ago, we had some serious problems with our next door neighbors. Now before I tell this story, I should say that while I live in the Detroit area, I am in the suburbs where crime is still relatively low. Chris and I bought our house the year before we got married and I moved in about 3 months before our wedding. Chris is pretty shy and we do tend to stay pretty much to ourselves but our friendly with our neighbors. One summer night while I was reading in my family room with the windows open I heard a huge fight next door. Turns out the wife got addicted to pain killers and to support her habit, began selling drugs. I had suspected something was going on because of all the traffic in and out, but couldn't believe that it could be happening. This was a couple in their 40's with kids. Well the husband kicked the wife out and got a divorce. The wife shacks up with some loser boyfriend who on a Friday afternoon right after school got out in early September, these losers come back, break into the house and start a fight with the roommate in my front lawn. We call the police and eventually they take off, nearly hitting some kids with their car. Well the ex-wife must have decided that enough was enough and breaks up with the loser. The loser believes it is because she wants to get back together with the ex-husband, my neighbor, and decides to get him out of the picture. He proceeds to do a drive-by shooting, missing my neighbor by inches. Police arrest the guy but it doesn't stop there... he hires a hit-man from jail. The hit-man starts stalking my neighbor, but eventually goes to the police. They actually faked my neighbor's death to get the payoff and now charge the guy with another attempted murder charge. My neighbor decides that this is enough and he moves. The house stays empty for quite awhile, and I all I keep thinking is what if this guy decides I have nothing to lose, I am facing life in prison and hires another hit-man who gets our houses mixed up... or a stray bullet hits my house? Needless to say, this led to depression on my part along with a huge anxiety problem that I am just now finally getting a handle on. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday to be taken off of my meds after two years and can finally start to try and have a baby. So while I have given you way more than you probably ever wanted to know about me, it feels good to be able to talk about this without being freaked out and reading a book like Safer with having a panic attack.

Whew.... well dinner is ready and I am starving. I got some new books today thanks to a gift certificate and plan on jumping in as soon as dinner is done. Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh YES! I have this book on my nightstand and planned to read it in the next few days to a couple of weeks. Wish my reading schedule was more organized, but it's a snatch and grab thing right now. I'm not a paranormal/romance craze at the moment and can't seem to shake it yet.

Anyway, I am soooooo glad you gave it a good rating. This did sound like an awesome read.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Forgot to subscribe to this post...doing it now.

Kristie said...

It is great! I would move it up a bit!

Karen Olson said...

I've got this on order. I'm thrilled you liked it. Sean is a friend, and I love all his work. If you haven't read his THE CLEANUP yet, you should definitely try it.

Kristie said...

I do plan on checking out his entire backlist! Please pass along to him how much I enjoyed this book... he should be proud!