Friday, January 2, 2009

Innocence by Karen Novak

I got Innocence by Karen Novak from the library. I had heard nothing about this book, but it just caught my eye and the premise sounded interesting. It also fit into the Suspense and Thriller Challenge as a private investagor thriller. As I read the book, I thought that it may not fit well but it did. It was a wonderfully written book and I really enjoyed it. I give it an A-.

From Amazon:
When private investigator Leslie Stone's own thirteen-year-old daughter, Molly, attempts to hire her to find a vanished friend, the case stirs memories of one from Leslie's own troubled childhood: a series of abductions of girls who became known as the Nightingales. Five eighth-grade boys are being charged with assaulting Molly's friend. But even as their small town erupts in anger and calls for justice, Molly insists that the boys are innocent, and takes the stand to testify on their behalf. Leslie's investigations show that although Molly may be right, someone is guilty. As the case draws her own secret knowledge of the Nightingales' history toward the light, she is left uncertain of every instinct except the one that demands she protect her child- even if she has to betray her own childhood by telling everything.

This book has so much going on, yet the reader is never overwhelmed. The reader gets two stories for one, including old kidnapping and child assults that happened when Leslie was a child. The author does a fantastic job of telling the second story and in such an interesting way as well... by inserting seperate chapters counting backwards. For example, the book opens up with Chapter 19 telling one part of the old story and then counts down after breaking in spots for the current story. This book touches on so many aspects of life today and at times is hard to read. I was still surprised when things came out in the final pages and it didn't bother me. There are a lot of emotions dealing with family that touched me as well and I have a feeling this book will stay with me for a bit. It is part of a series, but I believe it is the last of the series. If this is so, I say it is a perfect ending.

Up next is another library book that will also fit the Thriller Challenge. The book is Close To You by Mary Jane Clark and fits the stalker thriller book. I have previously read one Mary Jane Clark and have several on my shelves, so I hope it is another great one.In 2008 I read 130 books, and this year I would like to beat it by 5. I definitely need to make more time for reading. I get such a great pleasure for it and need to make more time. Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

I haven't read a Karen Novak yet. I don't know if I have the room on my challenge list...I'll have to take a look. You make me want to get the book! (lol)

Kristie said...

It was really good... but I know so many books so little time. I give you a lot of credit for all the planning you do!

April said...

Another great sounding book! I will have to keep my eyes out for it. I love your blog!

Dorte H said...

I hope it is not against the rules to copy other participants´ good ideas? - because this one sounds really great.