Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleep Softly by Gwen Hunter

Sleep Softly was a library book that I picked up last week while browsing. It sounded like a perfect fit for the Suspense and Thriller Challenge in the forensic category and also counted towards the library challenge so I checked it out. It was a good read, nothing fantastic, but pleasant. I give it a B.

From Amazon:
Four little girls—each blond, each on the verge of adolescence—stolen from their families.
Their bodies discovered months later in shallow graves, surrounded by trinkets they never owned, clutching a scrap of paper bearing a cryptic verse.
As a forensic nurse in rural South Carolina, Ashlee Davenport Chadwick acts as both caregiver and cop, gathering evidence from anyone who arrives in the local E.R. as the result of a crime. It's a tough job, both physically and emotionally draining, but deeply satisfying.
Then a child's red shoe is discovered on Davenport property. The evidence leads Ashlee to the body of a missing girl and her work suddenly invades every aspect of her life. As an expert and a witness, she must call upon all her resources. And when the killer's eye turns to her, she becomes intimately involved with a crime that tests her mind and her spirit…and the price of failure will be another child's life.

It seemed to me that this book may be part of a series, but when I looked on Amazon, I couldn't find one with Ashlee being the main character. I did recgonize a series with the lead character who was a very minor character in this book, so maybe they all tie together. It wasn't a big deal though as everything was pretty much fleshed out. I enjoyed this book, but the best part of it were all of the characters. Ashlee's grandmother is a pretty big character in the book and I loved her and her attitude. The mystery was a bit weak and I wasn't able to figure out who the bad guy was. I am not sure if it was me or the book though as I admit I may not have been focusing as much as I like to normally. That being said, it was a good book and I will probably pick up the next book Ms. Hunter has coming out which is set to be released February 1 by Mira if I find it at the library. I am really watching my budget this year and am going to cut way down on buying books.

Up next is another library book. I know I have two left, but for the life of me I can't remember what they are. I am working at my online job right now, though we are having tech issues, so I don't have any students. However, they can come in at any time so I can't leave my desk so I think I will call Chris and have him bring me one of my books... that way he can decide which one I read next! Happy Reading everyone!


Wendy said...

I read this one this past summer, and from what I could gather Ashlee was a secondary character in the the author's Dr. Rhea Lynch series.

I liked this one, but found the beginning a bit of a slog. Once I got all the secondary characters straight in my head (seriously, Ashlee is related to the whole blessed county!), and the author delved more into the suspense thread, I got hooked.

Kristie said...

I felt the same way. At times I couldn't believe that she was related to so many people... I mean how can these people even marry someone from their county... they had to be related!

J. Kaye said...

Lucky you! I don't have time to browse the library any more. I really miss that too.