Saturday, January 31, 2009

Married to a Stranger by Patricia MacDonald

I picked up Married to a Stranger when I was browsing at the library. It sounded like a good romantic suspense and something that would fit in to the Suspense and Thriller Challenge. This was a quick, easy read that held my attention. I rate it a B.

From Amazon:
Twenty-six-year-old Emma Hollis has it all -- a fortune she inherited from her father, a job she loves as a counselor at an adolescent crisis center, good friends, and a boyfriend who is crazy about her. Emma met sexy freelance journalist David Webster at a dinner party. Romantic, free-spirited, and a perfect lover, David sweeps Emma off her feet. Now a baby is on the way. Emma expects David to say goodbye, but David enjoys surprises. At their beautiful, impromptu wedding at a historic inn, Emma and David promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. The only shadow over Emma's happiness is cast by her stepfather, who is furious that David failed to sign a prenuptial agreement. As the newlyweds set off for their honeymoon at an idyllic cabin in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Emma has no idea that her life is about to turn into a wife's worst nightmare.

While reading about this book on Amazon, I saw that Ms. MacDonald got the idea for this book from the Laci Peterson story. I followed that case like a hawk and I can see some of the connections to this story. I also enjoy the type of story that is told from a woman's point of view sometimes and this book fit the bill. It reminds me a lot of Mary Higgins Clark, so if you are a fan of hers, you would probably enjoy Ms. MacDonald. That being said, I felt that the reader was not given enough clues to try and solve the mystery and the ending left me a little upset. Without giving away details or spoilers, it is hard to explain but it would suffice to say that I think more could have been done. There are red herrings thrown in that do make the suspense better.

Up next is another library book, though I am not sure which one. I just picked up three more this week, so I know I have quite a few that I want to try and get through quickly. I have an incredibly busy week coming up, so this weekend I plan on relaxing and getting lots of reading in! I do need to make it to the grocery store, though I am leaning towards going this evening or tomorrow evening during the Super Bowl. I love sports but for some reason can't get into the hype of the Super Bowl. I did get some squares so I will be checking the scores, but I figure a lot of people won't be at the grocery store when the game is on. I despise going when it is super busy! Well enough rambling from me... have a great weekend and Happy Reading!

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Heidi said...

Kristie When your football team breaks out from their losing streak and makes it to the superbowl you will get into the hype of the superbowl.
I hope your having a good week.