Sunday, January 4, 2009

Close To You by Mary Jane Clark

As I mentioned before, I got Close To You from my local library. I thought it would be a perfect fit for two of my challenges and I had previously read a book by Ms. Clark that I really enjoyed. I had high hopes for this book, though I was left feeling a bit disappointed. I give it a B-.

From Amazon:
In front of the camera, as anchorwoman for KEY Evening Headlines, she's savvy, sexy, and sophisticated. But when she steps out of the spotlight, Eliza Blake is far more vulnerable than her devoted viewers would ever imagine. Single-handedly raising a young daughter, she's finally found a safe haven: a dream house in the suburbs, where nothing can ever threaten her again....It begins with a venomous letter. No stranger to the occasional hate mail that mingles with glowing correspondence from adoring fans, Eliza is at first unaware that this time, the writer isn't a harmless nutcase. Then come the menacing phone calls. Now, that her serene suburban life is shattered by fear, Eliza must face the chilling realization that the stalker is closer, and more lethal, than anyone ever suspected-perhaps even concealed behind a trusted, familiar face...

The first thing that disappointed me about this book was the fact that it was part of a series, which I didn't know. That doesn't take away from the book, but I was kind of disappointed because I have the book before this and now I feel like I can't read it since this book explains a bit of what happens. The second thing that disappointed me was the lack of the suspense. I pretty much figured out who the bad stalker was as soon as the character was introduced. There wasn't even a whole lot about the stalker or even some real threats made on Eliza. I felt like I was reading a fiction story about a single mom who is a famous tv anchor that had a bit of mystery thrown in to spice the book up. That isn't necessiarly a bad thing, it's just that I was expecting more thrill and less mundane. There was also a lot of unanswered questions that weren't even discussed so that kinda threw me off. Again it wasn't a bad book, just not my favorite.

I am not sure what I am going to read next, but it will be something off of my shelves. School starts tomorrow and I probably won't have to work because teachers can't call in the day after a break which is fine by me. I am working a lot on my online job-which I love- and I don't feel ready to pull out work clothes again. I swear being off of work for two weeks makes it very hard to go back in. Oh well, we got to do it! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and Happy Reading!


Literary Feline said...

I've done that before, read a book that was a part of a series before I realized it and then discovered I had the first book sitting right there on my shelf all along. I am sorry this book turned out to be a little disappointing.

I know what you mean about going back to work after a vacation. I go back on Tuesday am not looking forward to getting back into the swing of things just yet.

Have a great week!

Heidi said...

I have read all the books in this series and some are better than others.

J. Kaye Oldner said...

Yikes. I hate when that happens. It's a total letdown.

Dorte H said...
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