Friday, August 10, 2007

Lethal Seduction by Jackie Collins

When I read my first Jackie Collins' novel after reading a review of her newest in Romantic Times, I was hooked. This is my second book by her and I absolutely loved it. This was a wonderful pleasure of a read with me giving it an A.

Caught between two lovers, Madison Castelli's sex life is in overdrive. But when she discovers someone close to her is keeping deadly secrets, the real excitement begins...

Plunged into the high-powered circles of New York and the manic thrills of Las Vegas, Madison steps among explosive passions, mob machinations, and dangerous deceptions, only to find that nothing is ever as it seems.

This book was so much fun! There are a ton of characters though they are easy to follow along with. They all intercept a little bit and is great to see what is going on in so many of the high-power and celebrity types. Everything is in this book, including romance, sex, violence, mystery and plenty of fun! I don't know what else to say about this one just that it was so excellent.

Yesterday, when I was about halfway through the book (which was long at 564 pages but I flew through) I went to the library and got three more of her books. I plan on reading another one where Madison is the lead character next. I guess there are previous books with her in them and I will probably go back and read those though I hate reading books in a series out of order just because these are so good. I pure beach book or a lose your thoughts and just enjoy it type of book. I am so glad that she has such an extensive backlist which I am planning on reading a lot of them!

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Reading!


Emily said...

The first Jackie Collins book I read was Lovers and Players. I got it at the library and thought it was so good I ended up buying it in hardcover. Her stories are so good and just so full of all sorts of mysteries and scandals. I love it!

Kristie said...

I haven't read that one so I will put it on my list! they are just so mcuh fun and I love the scandals!