Friday, August 17, 2007

Here She Lies by Kate Pepper

I have enjoyed Kate Pepper's books in the past, so reading her latest was a no-brainer. After being on hold for it forever through the library, it finally came in. I started it last night and finished it this morning. I spent awhile thinking about this one and have finally decided to grade it a B+.

When she discovers e-mail evidence of her husband's infidelity, Annie Milliken is shattered. Dismissing his pleas of innocence, she takes their baby daughter and goes to the one person she has always trusted: her twin sister, Julie. Annie and her sister soon become as close as they were growing up, spending their days together, dressing the same, sharing the baby. But when Annie applies for a job, everything comes undone. Her credit cards are stolen just as she's arrested for grand larceny. The police realize she is the victim of identity theft, but she has yet to understand the true scale of the crime. For when Annie turns to Julie for help, she finds that her twin sister has disappeared... along with her baby.

Now with her daughter- and her own life- on the line, Annie is going to fight for what is hers...

Hmm... where to start? First of all, the writing of this book is a little bit different than other Kate Pepper books. Maybe it's just that I was used to the Jackie Collins books and dialogues. There was a lot of inner dialogue with Annie, as the story was written in first person. Most of the time I prefer this type of writing, but Annie was a little bit annoying. I found her to be a bit weak, and it drove me a little crazy. By the end, I couldn't believe how stupid she was. That really had me wanting to give this a little bit lower of a rating, probably a C+ but the end was just so surprising and blew me away. I had no way of seeing that end coming. That really bumped it because in a lot of the suspense books I read I have it figured out from the beginning. This just blew me away! I still don't have a lot of respect for Annie as a character, but the book was definitely worth the time. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good suspenseful read.

Have a great weekend and Happy reading!

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