Sunday, December 26, 2010

108. Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane

Oh, how I wanted to love this book. I really, really did. I remember loving Gone Baby Gone and have even avoided watching the movie because I didn't want it to be ruined for me. However, I was let down. Maybe it was becasue my expectations were too high, but I just didn't love it. It was still good, but up to all of the hype I have been hearing. I give Moonlight Mile a B.

From Amazon:
Amanda McCready was four years old when she vanished from a Boston neighborhood twelve years ago. Desperate pleas for help from the child's aunt led investigators Kenzie and Gennaro to take on the case. the pair risked everything to find the young girl-only to orchestrate her return to a neglectful mother and a broken home.
Now Amanda is 16- and gone again. A stellar student, brilliant but aloof, she seemed destined to escape her upbringing. Yet Amanda's aunt is one more knocking on Patrick Kenzie's door, fearing the worst for the little girl who has blossomed into a striking, clever young woman- a woman who hasn't been seen in weeks.
Haunted by their conscienses, Kenzie and Gennaro revisit the case that troubled them the most. Their search leads them into a world of identity thieves, meth dealers, a mentally unstable crime boss and his equally demented wife, a priceless thousand-year-old cross, and a happily homicidal Russian gangster. It's a world in which motives and allegiances constantly shift and mistakes are fatal.
In their desperate fight to confront the past and find Amanda McCready, Kenzie and Gennaro will be forced to question in it's possible to do the wrong thign and still be right or to do the right thing and still be wrong. As they face an evil that goes beyond broken dreams, they discover that the sins of yesterday don't always stay buried and the crimes of today could end their lives.

Like I said, maybe the hype was just too much, but I didn't love the book like I thought I would. I think the ending was just a bit too unbelievable for me because in the beginning of the book I was telling anyone who would listen what a great book it was and then it just fell flat for me. If you loved Gone Baby Gone or any of Mr. Lehane's books, I would advise you to read it, but just don't hope for too much.

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