Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mortal Friends by Jane Stanton Hitchcock

I fell in love with Ms. Hitchcock's works a couple of years ago and was thrilled when I found out she had a new book out. It came in quickly from the library and I started reading it Sunday evening. I was immediately sucked in and finished it today between extending DEAR time at school and then while getting ready this evening. I give it an A-.

Inside cover:
When the latest victim of the "Beltway Basher" is found in the woods of Montrose Park, Reven Lynch's favorite jogging spot, her crime-loving antenna goes up. The murder makes Reven and her best friend, Violet Bolton, reconsider their running route- but that's not the only change in Reven's routine. Her chic Georgetown neighborhood isn't accustomed to brutal slayings, and when the smooth, enigmatic Detective Gunner shows up in her antique shop, asking pointed questions, Reven's left wondering how close to home the killings are.
Gunner is convinced the murderer is a society bigshot hiding in plain sight. But he is out of his element in the rarefied world of embassy dinners and symphony balls, and Reven is perfectly positioned to feed him the inside information he needs. She throws herself into her role as the detective's "ersatz Mata Hari", only to discover the skirt-chasing businessman for whom she's fallen tops Gunner's shortlist of suspects. And that's not the half of it, a philanthropic bombshell named Cynthia Rinehart has taken the city by storm, and Violet's steady marriage is suddenly encountering some major turbulence...

I loved this book! Ms. Hitchcock has done a fantastic job intertwining the high society, big shots of Washington D.C. with a pretty good mystery. Her previous books were somewhat like this as well and as I've mentioned numerous times before, I love reading about the wealthy and "famous". The book was the perfect mix of mystery and chick lit which isn't always the easiest thing to do. I loved Reven and her friends and all of the backstabbing that happened throughout the story, though I guess it shows that sometimes, some people never really leave high school behind. I would love to see another story featuring Reven and hope that Ms. Hitchcock is busy at work right now!

I am not sure what I am going to read next, though it will probably be another library book. I have a few checked out that are due Monday and I don't think I can renew them. I'm also on my way out the door for a Christmas dinner thingy tonight and need to grab a book to bring with me just in case so I won't have time to scour my shelves. I hope everyone is enjoying their reading! Happy Reading!


Literary Feline said...

Two books in a row with such good ratings! You're on a roll, Kristie. :-)

I haven't read anything by this author before, but you've definitely piqued my interest.

Have fun at the dinner tonight! (What book did you end up taking?)

Kristie said...

I ended up taking A Friend of the Family. I read about it on someone's blog but of course can't remember whose. Was it yours? I plan on getting some more reading in tonight, just as soon as I finish cleaning and dinner!

Staci said...

I'm on a mystery kick right now so this one is right up my alley!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!