Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Blue Nowhere by Jeffrey Deaver

I came across The Blue Nowhere last week while browsing at my local library. I've enjoyed the other books by Deaver that I've read and decided to give it a try. It was a good book and I give it a B+.

Back cover:
His code name is Phate- a sadistic computer hacker who infiltrates people's computers, invades their lives, and with chilling precision lures them to their death. Desperate to stop him, the California State Police Computer Crimes Unit frees former hacker Wyatt Gillette to aid the investigation. As the obsessive Gillette fervently attempts to trace the hacker's insidious computer virus back to it's source, Phate delivers a huge blow- murdering one of the division's own. Now, teamed with old-school homicide detective Frank Bishop, Gilette must combine their disparate talents to catch a brilliant and merciless killer.

This was a long book, coming in at over 500 pages, though it moves pretty quickly. I was afraid that some of the technical aspects of the story that deal with the hacking of computers would bog down the story, but I was able to understand it and enjoy the story. While some of the story was at times a bit unbelieveable, it was a suspenseful read and I was curious to see how everything would work out in the end. There were lots of twists and turns which I appreciate and I enjoyed the book. I probably would have finished it earlier if the holidays hadn't been so busy. Today is the first day since Tuesday that I have had time to just sit and enjoy a book and be lazy and I hope to spend more of my vacation time the same exact way. Wyatt was a likeable character and one who I was rooting for Bishop was a great dectective. I hope to read more books by Jeffrey Deaver in the near future.

I had a nice Christmas and was spoiled by my loved ones as usual. I did receive some gift cards for the bookstore and hope to make it over there this week sometime. My husband also thought it would be nice to share his cold with me and today I woke up to the lovely head cold, scratchy throat and general tired feeling. This evening we are going out to dinner with some family and other than that I plan on relaxing and hoping to read. I also need to catch up on some blog reading. I hope all of you have had a fantastic Christmas and some books were found under your trees. Happy Reading!


Staci said...

Shame on your hubby for sharing the cold!! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!! I too received a few book cards now I am fretting as what books to buy!! Deaver is on my list...I must read him!!! Have a Happy New Year!!!

Literary Feline said...

The Blue Nowhere sounds like a good one.

I'm sorry to hear you've caught your husband's head cold. :-( Hopefully you will be feeling better very soon. Have a great week, Kristie.