Friday, July 31, 2009

She'll Never Know by Hunter Morgan

I had a total shock yesterday regarding some family members yesterday and it has led to me being quite upset. Because of that, and the fact that I didn't want to sit there and dwell on things, I needed something that I could quickly get into to take my mind off of everything. She'll Never Know did the trick and I give it B+.

Back cover:
A victim of amnesia, Jillian Deere only knows that se was left by an unidentified man at a North Carolina hospital with a gunshot wound to her neck. But she has the strangest feeling she belongs elsewhere. Something is drawing her to the small Delaware town of Albany Beach- a town caught in the grip of a seemingly unstoppable serial killer...
The victims have all been blonde and blue-eyed, just like Jillian. One by one, they've disappeared from the beach town's quiet cottages and wind-swept streets, only to be found horribly murdered. Jillian can't imagine why she remembers Albany Beach or what it means. The only person she can turn to for help is lifeguard Ty Addison. Despite the almost ten-year difference in their ages, Jillian finds herself falling for his beach-bum good looks. And then the first memory flashes to horrifying life...
Haunted by her tragic past, unsure of whom to trust, Jillian is desperate to uncover the truth about her identity before it's too late. For someone is watching Jillian from out there in the dark. Someone who knows exactly who she is... his next victim...

While I normally don't enjoy romance in my thrillers, this one was done so nicely and I loved it! Jillian and Ty make such a cute couple and there wasn't the usual romance cliche of some misunderstanding that I really don't like. I loved Jillian as a charcter and felt so much compassion for her, though right about now, I wouldn't mind have some amnesia so I could forget some certain things. The mystery of who Jillian is was enjoyable, though I really liked the serial killer aspect more so. At the end, I was thrown through a total loop and realized that this book was the second in a trilogy so the serial killer mystery wasn't resolved. Ugh... I was so upset! I am also disappointed that I won't be able to read the first book in the series as some of the first book was rehashed in this one, and I will know have to pick up the next book in this series to find out how everything is resolved. If I had known it was a trilogy, I would have probably given this book a higher rating, but am definitely going to check my library's database for the next one in the series.

July was an awesome reading month for me with 19 books being finished. That is by far one of my highest reading months ever. I am so happy, especially since I've read so many great books. I hope this will be able to continue, though I doubt it will as I have my new job I will be starting later in August and I have a ton of baby and wedding showers coming up as well. I am not sure what I am going to read next, but I will be picking something up. I need to keep my mind occupied so I don't dwell on things and get upset. I hope everyone else has a great weekend and Happy Reading!

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