Friday, July 17, 2009

I Smile Back by Amy Koppelman

As I stated in my previous post, I read about I Smile Back on someone's blog, but of course I didn't write it down or record it in a spreadsheet like I keep meaning to and now I can't remember where. It sounded like something I would like, so I requested it from my library. I started it this afternoon and finished it just now. It was a different writing style from what I usually read, but I still enjoyed it and give it a B.

From author's website:
We live in the era that believes in the idea of rehabilitation and counts on the possibility of redemption. The thing is, not everyone gets better and even those who find salvation often leave a wake of destruction behind them.
In the follow-up to her acclaimed debut, which drew comparisons from crtitics to The Bell Jar and The Awakening, Amy Koppelman delivers an aggressive and unnerving portrait of a modern suburban woman.

I sure hope Ms. Koppelman has not written about the typical and average suburban woman, as Laney is a drug-addicted, cheating wife of a husband who really loves her and the mother of two adorable children. Laney has some serious psychological problems along with her addiction, and she seems to tie it all in with her father leaving her when she was a child. Now she is still struggling with it and self-medicating, and it is damaging her marriage along with her children. The book is written with few words, coming in short at only 188 pages, but still delivers a strong punch. While I didn't love the ending as it wasn't neatly tied up with a bow on it like I enjoy, I still think it was a good book. I definitely can see how it relates to The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I may have to check out Ms. Koppelman's previous novel someday.

I picked up two more library books today, so I think I am going to read one more but then fit in one of my own. I was reading one blog, Bookish NYC, and she was discussing a book she saw someone reading on the subway. It is titled Bringing Home the Birkin, and is all about the elusive bag and the outrageous prices people pay for purses. Though I am an admitted purse lover, I can never understand the need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on purses, so I thought this book may interest me a bit. I have all of my weekend chores finished, along with laundry, and have of my lesson plans for next week done as well. I plan on finishing those tonight, and hopefully, with any luck and lots of free time, I will be able to fit in two books this weekend. Happy Reading everyone!


Literary Feline said...

I hope that description isn't the typical housewife either. Those poor kids! You've got me curious about this one though. I'll have to check it out further.

I've been itching for a new purse recently, but like you, I can't imagine spending a lot of money on one.

Have a great weekend, Kristie!

Kristie said...

I love purses too. I have a ton and change them often, but can't spend much on them. Then again, I have a hard time spending a lot on much of anything.

Staci said...

You have such self-control in regards to only picking up 2 books at the library!! I wish I could do that!