Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Next Killing by Rebecca Drake

I enjoyed the one previous book I'd read by Rebecca Drake, so I decided to try this one. The receipt from when I bought it was still in the book, and it has been sitting on my shelves since August of 2007! It was a quick read, and while not that suspenseful, still a lot of fun to read. I give it a B.

Back cover:
For one hundred years, the best girls have come to St. Ursula's Preparatory Academy to learn. To achieve. To make both memories and friends. But now it's where they also come to die...
When the first body is found, the police call it an accident- an initation ritual gone terribly wrong. But the students know something isn't right at St. Ursula's. There are sounds in the darkened corridors, a figure glimpsed between the trees, locked doors somehow opened. Someone is watching them, judging them, hating them... killings them...
A twisted psychopath is turning the quiet campus into a school of fear. No sins will go unpunished. No girl will escape justice. And everyone will have a chance to join a serial killer's exclusive club...

I am not sure if this was the right book to read the night before I start teaching summer school. Lauren is a new teacher, hired to for her first teaching job, and immediately the girls begin making fun of her and hazing her. Hopefully my first day will go a bit better. I mentioned before that the suspense was a little lacking, mostly because it isn't difficult to find out who the bad guy is and that is confirmed about halfway through the book. There are a couple other story lines running through the story, which I found unnecessary, but it was still a fun story to read. It was interesting and I though portrayed a good look at how cruel some students can be, especially to each other. I do believe I have one more book by Rebecca Drake and I will read it.

Up next is the library book I have, title The Cheater by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I read about it on someone else's blog, though I am not sure where. I really do need to come up with a better system of recording where I heard about the books I request. I hope it is a good one, especially since I am on such a reading tear right now. I met my mom for lunch at the golf course/country club she belongs to and in the locker room members bring in old books they have read and leave them there for others to read and bring in their own books they no longer want, so I also picked up two books there. I may already have one, but I need to check my spreedsheet, but I do want to get those read pretty quickly so I can return them, but really there is no rush. I do need to finish some laundry and just quickly look over my notes for tomorrow and make sure I have everything put together, but then plan on catching up with the tivo and start my next book. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Happy Reading!

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Literary Feline said...

I would probably have a heart attack if I knew how long some of the older books in my TBR room have been there. LOL

I am glad you enjoyed The Next Killing, even if it wasn't quite as supsenseful as you would have liked. And more importantly, I hope your first day at school wasn't anything like it was for Lauren!

I noticed a box the other day in my office breakroom offering free books for trade. This is the first office I've worked in where there are quite a few readers. It's a nice feeling. :-)