Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Right Address by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman

The Right Address is a book I have had on my TBR shelves forever. I think I bought it years ago when I was going through a chick-lit phase and it just sat there forever, waiting to be read. Deciding I wanted something light and fluffy and somewhat of a "summer read" I picked it up to read and loved it. I give it a B+.

Back cover:
The Right Address sears through the upper crust of New York's glittering Park Avenue scene to dish the dirt on the ladies who lunch, the gents who club, and the desperate climbers who will still stop at nothing to join the backstabbing, champagne-sipping, socialite-eat-socialite stratosphere.
When Melanie Saronsky, wily Floridian flight attendant, snares a billonaire divorce Arthur "The Coffin King" Korn, she is catapulted into the creme de la creme of Park Avenue society. But Melanie quickly discovers that in the world of the rich and idle, malicious gossip is as de rigueur as owning twenty pairs of Manolo Blahniks. And despite her frenzied plunge into the charity circuit and the right dinner reservations, her neighbors are Givenchy-clad vultures who see her as nothing more than a reinvented trailer trollop. To make matters worse, when a snide society-rag journalist takes her over the coals, Melanie's reputation is toast.
Meanwhile, Melanie is not the only billionaire in the neighborhood coming unhinged. Kleptomania, adultrey, plagarism, and a grisly Harlem sex murder are just a few of the secrets swirling under the pedigreed patina of furs and emeralds on Park Avenue.

The behaviors of some of these women in the story where absolutely horrid, but unfortunetly, not unbelieveable. There are two women in the story, named Wendy and Joan, who constantly arrive early to the lunches, parties, and charity dances to secure the best seats to stare and gossip about all of their "friends" as they arrive and socialize. The authors compare Wendy and Joan to the two theatre critics from the Muppets who sit in the balcony. I laughed quite a bit over this, as it was the perfect comparision. They are so catty and snide and they and the whole story transported me back to high school and all of the cliques. Melanie, the main character, is at first very annoying, but she slowly changes and grows into a very likeable person. While not the most believable story, it was still a fun and brief vacation to one of my favorite cities and getting to join the ladies who lunch scene. This is the perfect beach/summer read!

Up next is the book called Money Shot which is part of the Hard Case Crime series. I've read one book in this series before and loved it and after reading a review for this one, decided it sounded like a lot of fun. I also got a mini notebook to keep by laptop so whenever I come across a book on a blog that sounds interesting to me, I can record whose blog I read about it on. This way I can give credit to those who keep my library books flowing through my house. Happy Reading everyone!


Staci said...

I loved the Muppets and they do sound like those two hecklers for sure. I'm always looking for something light in-between the books that seem to take forever to get through.

Kristie said...

This would fit the bill Staci! Short, less than 300 pages, and doesn't take any thought to read.