Friday, May 8, 2009

Until It's Over by Nicci French

I love Nicci French and have read almost all of her books. Color me surprised when a new one was released and it wasn't on my radar! I promptly searched for it through my local library and luckily, was able to get it fairly quickly. This was a great book, one that I give an A- to.

From Amazon:
Astrid Bell has known most of her housemates for years, but while they have a tangled history together—romantic pairings, one-night stands, friendships—each of them also has a past.Astrid is on her way home one day when her neighbor accidentally knocks her off her bike. Bruised but not broken, her roommates help her home. The next day, they learn that same neighbor was beaten to death only hours after the accident. Each of them tells the police what little they know and are dismissed—until Astrid stumbles over another body. Two brutal murders in less than a week is more than just bad luck.As the difference between friend and stranger grows harder to judge, and as the line between attraction and danger thins, the housemates—unsure if there’s a killer in their midst—guard against becoming his next victim in this steamy and suspenseful thriller from internationally bestselling author Nicci French.

This book reminded me a bit of Tana French's The Likeness, basically because of the premise, where there were roommates living together and they are keeping secrets from each other. The pages continued to turn and there was no shortage of suspects to try and decide who was killing the people that had bothered Astrid. I loved how the story was told, where about halfway through, the reader discovers who the killer is and is explained why he or she is doing the things that they are. The only problem I had with the book was that it felt like the ending was a bit rushed. There wasn't a good explanination... but I don't want to go into further details than that because it could be a potential spoiler. If you haven't discovered Nicci French, I think this would be a great start.

Up next is another library book called The 37th Hour. I read about it somewhere, and of course can't remember where. I hope it turns out to be another winner, though, because I had such fun getting so into a story like I did with Until It's Over. Happy Reading everyone!

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Diane said...

I've been wanting to read some books by this author. So many good reviews on her books.